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on May 5, 2015 in Friday Thoughts

Africa in July!

I;m heading back to Africa with Images in Africa, for amazing Wildebeest migration in July and can’t wait! I was just informed a space owned up for a couple … might be your lucky day. Wanna come but not sure? Check out these videos from our adventure there last fall… and how did I pack for this adventure? Here ya go … And the best part … we’re going back 2015 and in 2016! And if that’s not enough Africa for you (and it really isn’t), there is our January 2015 issue of the BT Journal devoted to this safari. So, here’s some fun, learning, photography, biology just for...

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on Apr 25, 2015 in Friday Thoughts

London Brilliant!

We had an marvelous day in London with our Passion in a Click presentation! Such a great group of folks with some really great questions. It would seem even with my funny California accent, I was understood. It was a great day then at the end, the door of the conference opened and I see this familiar smiley face peak in. Then, it slipped back out and was gone. I couldn’t finish up fast enough because I knew what that meant. Glen and Dave are dear and crazy friends we originally meet at Photoshop World. While they live in England, they don’t live in London. They made the trek in and found us in time to spent the evening together. They had fun educating us in the ways of London, customs and history and places to see. It was a brilliant evening. Three hours later we left the pub with side sore from laughing and the place barely intact! As you can see, the pub was unique to start...

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on Jan 9, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone, Friday Thoughts

Ambassadors Inspire

I’m such a big fan of these folks, great you can get inspired from them like I have been. Nikon Ambassadors Ron Magill, Robin Layton, Ami Vitali and Vincent Versace share with you the moment they made their favorite images of 2014 and their plans for making images in 2015. These are four great videos and articles that will inspire and get you out shooting. Great way to start the weekend....

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