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on Aug 7, 2015 in Friday Thoughts

Escape from Nairobi

So there we are, thrown back into the bustle that is Nairobi after our amazing ten days on the Mara. Nairobi is a wild town, nothing prepares you for it but the culture shock after the beauty and tranquility of the bush slapped me right in the face! We landed at the small airport, got in the traffic and drove to the Int’l Airport. We stood in line for a very short time in the very hot and humid check in area and waited. After 30min, we’re at the ticket counter, got our tickets and got through customs without a hitch. Great I thought after hearing of some of the possible horror stories of the process. We headed up to the airline lounge, sat down, got some wine and waited the 3hrs for our flight. I pull out the slug of tickets I have for getting home and read the message printed on our boarding pass out of Nairobi. If my mind as back to blogging, I would have...

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on Jul 6, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Creativity in the Lost & Found?

Had an interesting comment come my way that had me thinking. “I just don’t see how you guys keep coming up with new photographs. I struggle to just take one.” I was talking with a photographer who had hit the creative wall and was seeking some kind of words to break it down. This post is for him but I thought I’d share it with all. We’ve all been there, I sure have been, putting that camera to the eye was just simply no joy. How do you get past that wall? On the fun side of feeling in the mood, I simply hit the shutter release of my camera and let ‘er rip! Seriously, put the camera into CH and hold down that shutter release and listen to that beautiful sound! Yep, sounds down right silly if not stupid. But you would be surprised how that sound triggers something in your mind and that wall now has a hole in it, just big enough to get the process...

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on Jul 2, 2015 in Random Thoughts

New 600mm, 500mm & More!

Well, the 800mm isn’t going to be alone anymore. Nikon has introduced the new 600 FL and 500FL today, carrying on the new level of quality the 800mm brought to big glass. The first thing you should know is, these lenses are LIGHTER than those they replace. For example the 600mm is THREE POUNDS lighter than the last version of the 600mm. There some other sweet advances as well and once I have these in my hands and shoot them, I’ll let you know. The other lens to be introduced is a 16-80f/2.8-4 DX lens. That’s a sweet addition to line. If you want more info right now, click the links and I’ll have more once they are in...

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