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on Sep 25, 2017 in Random Thoughts

Palouse Spring 2018

We’ve been up in WA and really smitten by The Palouse! I’m not sure why it’s taken us this long to get here but I love it! I want to come back up to photograph it when’s its green so we’re offering a trip for 6 folks 23-28 April (in 23rd & out the 28th out of Spokane). This is simply an amazing place and the possibilities seem endless. We’ve already been to places you don’t see in print which is really spinning my imagination. The price is $1895 which covers transport once on location, guiding, instruction and entertainment. Oh yeah, a bit of education, as well as this, is a bit of a new world of landscape photography. This is a long landscape shoot just as much as pano which makes it such a photographic delight. If you’re interested, give Sharon a call...

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on Sep 21, 2017 in Random Thoughts

UnKnown D850 New Feature

One of the D850 upgrades I’ve not seen anyone talk about is its vastly improved ability to autofocus with ND filters. In the top photo, I was using the Breakthrough 6 stop and below, the same filter and the Nikon Polarizer. In both cases, the D850 focused on the subject AFTER those ND filters were attached. Not before, but after! And it did it with ease, no hunting. Now the fact the photos aren’t great is not its fault but mine because I’ve not practiced the technique. But with how easy the D850 makes it, I will...

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