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on Jan 10, 2017 in Random Thoughts

Nikon’s Turning 100!

Nikon turns 100 this year! I’ve treasured and been honored to be associated with the Company since 1979 enjoying every moment! The celebration has begun with a new website being established. Is there more to come? Are Nikon lenses boxes gold?...

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on Jan 9, 2017 in Thought of the Month

Education – Inspiration 2017

Sharon & I have a limited number of opportunities in 2017 to spend time with you in the field exploring our passion of photography. And at this moment, we have just a handful of openings in our 2017 offerings: Mar 15-20 ’17 FL Bird Photography 1 Opening Mar 25-26 ’17 Print Lab Weekend 2 Openings April 03-07 ’17 Grouse & Chicken FULL 26-30 June ’17 Madera Cyn, AZ 1 Opening 18-23 Sept ’17 Palouse, WA 2 Openings 90-13 Oct ’17 VT Fall Color 1 Opening 01-06 Nov ’17 Oregon Coast, OR 1 Opening None of these “workshops” are normal because well, I’m not normal. You will have fun, you will learn a lot and you will be inspired. If you’re interested, have questions of want to join us, give Sharon a call … 661.204.1506. Cya out...

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on Dec 28, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Rockin & a Rollin in the Sierra

Yep, we’ve had a pretty cool swarm the past eight hours (over one hundred over 1.0 and 18, 3.7 to 5.7). Many have emailed (thank you!) to see if we were effected. Because of where the house is, we have the really cool (at least I think so) ability to hear the earthquakes often just before we feel them. This last week, we’ve actually heard them but not felt a thing which is weird. The swarm we had this morning upset our Sadie who crawled into bed and other than that, we just rode them out (of course, had to level prints, again!). Centered just northeast of us in the Bodie Hills, earthquakes are pretty common here so while the numbers sound scary, in reality, it’s just a part of life. Thanks to all who touched...

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