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on Jun 9, 2015 in Simple Click

Simple Click – Photo Bombed

Working on an active runway has its charms … and you just never know what’s going to photo bomb you Sharon caught me in the act of taking a quick snap with the Profoto B2 while filming new class for...

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on May 30, 2015 in Friday Thoughts

Photo Summit – Wow!

The first three presentations were an amazing start! Ren’s presentation on Street Photography was really well done with his images being some of my favorite of the presentation. Mark Cruz from Nikon presentation on Full Frame was pretty good to. Interesting the facts that were presented, some I didn’t even know! The highlight though was Yuri Dojc and his Last Folio project (you see here on stage). A very powerful presentation and demonstration why we should be photographers! But if you are here, you already know all of this. And if you’re not here, then the question has to be asked. Why Not? It’s still on, going through the rest of today and tomorrow. So … get here! Marvelous venue and presentations. Your photography will thank...

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