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on Feb 1, 2017 in Random Thoughts

“I Want to be a Professional!”

I receive an email saying this probably once an hour. Ok, maybe once every other hour but it’s pretty much none stop. Over the years I’ve had all sorts of comebacks to this but of late, I tend to stare at the question wonderin how I should answer it. Why, what’s the change? The change is I’ve gotten older and with that some knowledge has stuck in my thick head that in part stops me from saying my first knee jerk answer. And the other is, wondering what gave birth to this question from those who ask it. What do they think they are missing in their photography to seek or ask this question? That brings me to the photo you see above and perhaps my current answer to the “big” question. This photograph of a Mountain Goat billy was taken a couple of lifetimes ago. I remember clearly seeing the opportunity, the panic to get parked and to the billy before the photograph would disappear. I remember all...

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on Jan 27, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

Keymission 80 – New to the Locker

Constantly using the Keymission 360 (now have 4 of them) & 170 (now have 6 in housings), curiosity finally won over so now I have the Keymission 80. What in the heck for you ask? I was attracted by its incredibly small size cause this sucker is small! Because of that size, you can put it just about anywhere. Next is the ease of use. The touch screen LCD on the back permits quick and easy operation, whether you’re shooting video or stills. Now I have a couple of crazy thoughts about how I’m going to use this new tool but to be honest with you, it’s so darn cute I’m already in love and I’ve not even shot with it yet....

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on Jan 25, 2017 in Random Thoughts

“I Can’t Picture That!”

We get this a lot when we talk about the snow we receive at our home / office. When I tell folks that a normal winter we have 25 vertical feet of snow, their face betrays their disbelief. Well, this is the snow height as of 01.24.17 at our home (19′). As you can see, you can barely see the top of the roof of our two story home. Many imagine life is impossible in such conditions when 20 feet of snow fall in three weeks. Mammoth is kinda unique in many ways, one has to do with snow. As you can see, the road is clear and the skies are blue. Mammoth is a town designed to deal with snow, lots of snow so when it comes (it’s been seven years since we’ve seen this “normal” amount of snow), life just goes on for those of us who live here all year. To us, this is...

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on Jan 24, 2017 in Random Thoughts

Tech Support is SO Important!

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of IoSafe. I’m a even bigger fan of their tech support! We had this weird power surge Sunday with the storm. I say weird it popped just one circuit breaker that had no load on it. Some time later, I went to get images out to a client and found I couldn’t talk to my IoSafe 1515+. Tried all the normal things and couldn’t connect. I’m not a Network guy so I was totally lost but I didn’t panic cause I knew I had IoSafe Tech Support behind me. I called them and they quickly figured out the problem and I’m back to work. The issue? All I can figure is that weird power surge somehow got through all the surge protectors and nailed my hub. The Tech Support knew how to run the test to verify and in minutes I was functioning. It’s such a small and simple thing but it’s a biggie. The moral of the story, in buying...

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