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on Jun 2, 2017 in Friday Thoughts


Yesterday, 1 June was simply a great day! Brent and Katt were married on a gorgeous day in Spokane. We couldn’t be happier or prouder of them both, love them being part of our family. And as you might expect of a Peterson, there was nothing normal about the ceremony or the photography. Levi Sim did a marvelous job photographing the event (I highly recommend him!)! While he might have made fun at Photoshop World about being nervous with me being the groom’s father, he did a fantastic job! Nope … neither Jake or I were the photographer of record. In fact, I was quite the contrary! Levi figured out how to deal with me … Yep … he made me a VAL and I was honored to do it!!! Congrats Brent & Katt … love Mom &...

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on May 30, 2017 in Random Thoughts

New Nikon 8-15 Fish & 28f1.4AFS!!!

Nikon announced some very cool, long awaited glass. The 8-15Fish, 28f1.4AFS and 10-20VR DX are great additions to the lens lineup. I have not seen nor shot with these lenses but have the 8-15Fish on order already. Once in hand, I will be putting our my $.02...

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