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on Jun 7, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Come Shoot Down Under with Us!

K&M Adventures is heading to Australia, 14-20 August, 2016 and we have an opening. We’re heading to a once in a lifetime location for critter photography, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. I first went there after seeing Sir David Attenborough’s special on the Satin Bowerbird. The nest he filmed at was still being used years later and I was able to shoot there for a couple of days. I came back from our time there with photos of an additional 50 species of really cool bird species hard to find elsewhere. It’s really an amazing place! Of course, the trail boardwalk that goes through the TOP of the forest canopy, the bar in the TOP of a tree and the friendliness of the birds don’t hurt the attraction either. We’re looking at the first week of August, 2016 for this adventure. The price should come in around $5400 which covers your lodging at O’Reilly’s, breakfast and dinner, transportation to and from the airport to the lodge, guides and instruction (they gave...

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on Apr 11, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Moose Kits @B&H!

Didn’t see this coming, but B&H contacted me last week and wanted to make available to Moose Readers special deals on “Moose Kits” I created. The four you find here are real savings YOU get by just following the links. Besides all the cool free add ons B&H is including, there are real savings when you buy the kit compared to buying the pieces separately. I was told this is not a time limited deal and might be expanded with time. Now the D500 isn’t shipping at this moment but if you place the order, the savings are applied. Hope this helps you get into the gear your want, for...

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