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on Dec 14, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Prints under the Tree

Until the end of the year, we’re offering a 50% discount on our prints, paper or metal! We’ve had such an amazing year of print sales, we’re passing along to you the success we’ve enjoyed. Seen an image you like, web, print, editorial, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506 and you can have the print in your hands before Christmas. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll receive a second print (in case you want to give one away) for the exact same low price. And shipping is included in all our prices! Season...

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on Dec 14, 2015 in Simple Click, Wildlife Photography

Trying to Get it for 20yrs

For a long time I’ve wanted my own, cool shot of a White-breasted Nuthatch and no matter how I’ve tried, no luck. I keep coming up short. This is in part because they just don’t hold still! You can’t bribe them to come to the same spot over and over again. You gotta watch them land at the top of a tree, work their way down the trunk to the food source, never taking the same path twice, and hope you get in a click. Only if there is an avian predator might they hold still for a moment. So, I’ve been on my deck since the first snow fall again trying to get the shot. I’m standing out there with my 300PF and using the snow as a reflector. And this this weekend, I finally got one photo good enough to post. It’s a start, but I’ll be back out there working on...

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on Dec 10, 2015 in Thought of the Month

Gift of Learning – Gift of the Print

There is nothing like the gift of photography! We love teaching the craft and art of photography so we offer a number of workshops throughout the year. Many spouses give a workshop during the holidays and we want to thank you. So between now and the end of the year, give a workshop (or just simply sign up) and you’ll receive a 17×22 print of your choice as a thank you! Jan 11-15 ’16 Yellowstone Jan 28-31 ’16 Snowy Owls, MN April 04-08 ’16 Grouse & Chicken April 13-17 ’16 Santa Fe, NM April 25-3 ’16 Storm Chasing May 27-29 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND June 10-12 ’16 Sierra Birds, CA July 01-03 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND Aug 14-20 ’16 Australia Sept 09-11 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND We have a number of offerings, from critters to landscapes to aviation. If you see one that interests you, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506 and she’ll be happy to provide you more information and get you signed up! We look forward to sharing...

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on Dec 10, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Gift of Photography – Captured

It’s a real simple but marvelous present, $45(+S&H) and you’ll be a hero on Christmas day. Give Sharon a call 661.204.1506. Need more, here ya go … “Why did you write the book?” That truly is a good question. I have devoted my life to educating the public about their wild heritage. The method I’ve felt is the best for me to get this message out is photography. But as we all know, there’s more to photography then an f/stop or camera brand. We must have those essentials of course but we need a whole lot more. So in order to reach my own personal goal, I shoot one helluva a lot and during that process have learned some from my failures and successes. I’ve also learned that my greater goal requires more then one shooter. This is why we put such an effort in sharing all I’ve learned with others. All of that is wrapped up in the answer, why I wrote this book. The reason the book...

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on Dec 9, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Platypod Pro

The Platypod Pro is getting a lot of buzz lately and for good reason. This very simple and small yet effective plate can serve you well in a pinch when you need a “tripod.” Plates for mounting cameras are not new but what makes this new entry cool is not only its size but “legs.” There are three bolts that can be inserted to give the flat plate the ability to be used on unlevel surfaces. It comes in a sleeve inside the case that when used alone makes transport really simple. You have to add a tripod head to the Platypod to make it totally functional. I added the Really Right Stuff BH-25 which works well, it’s not to tall. What you see is the D4s / 24-70VR attached to the unit and when you have everything plumbed up, it holds the rig real steady. Personally, this rig is too much for the Platypod but not the D750 /18-35AFS which is more likely what I’d use it with....

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on Dec 7, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Dec 7th, “a date which will live in infamy”

The last survivor of the USS Arizona just passed away, he and all who paid the ultimate price for our freedom shall never be forgotten! We’d been planning it for months, paperwork filed with official channels asking for permission, route and mission decided on, all was good to go! The time had come to put the flight in the air. It was a beautiful clear morning 15 March as we meet the team at the gate of the airport. The day before we’d all meet in Rob’s hangar and went over the flight we’d been planning for months. The maps were pulled out and spread on the table, historic photographs of the day laid about, the route was selected and timed with my shot list making sure we can accomplish all that we had planned. Our flight path wasn’t one we came up with but one that followed the morning of December 7th, 1941. The sun hadn’t graced the skies yet but there was a glow over Diamond Head...

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