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on Apr 10, 2018 in Random Thoughts

KelbyOne Gallery – What an Honor!

I am ~very~ honored to have been asked to be the first “instructor” to exhibit at the gorgeous, KelbyOne Gallery! The 20th of this month is the opening reception and you’re ALL invited, well, as far as I’m concerned. You are ALL for sure invited to the webinar happening that same night. I want to thank everyone at KelbyOne for this recognition and hope you can join in on the...

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on Apr 6, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Packing For Photographic Journeys

Wow … what a great time last night on the Live Broadcast! And, for a first time, I got through the whole topic I was presenting, it just took 45min. I went through all I do to get ready for, pack and travel with camera gear, vehicle or plane. Click on the banner above as the show is now posted on my YouTube Channel and give it a gander, might just give you some...

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on Apr 4, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Live Broadcast Tomorrow Night!

Welcome to Moose’s 8th live stream! Many are getting ready for summer trips. What gear do you need to LEAVE home and what should you Take, how should you take it and in what. These are just some of the topics we’ll cover. Because of my schedule, I’m doing a broadcast this week and then not again for a couple of weeks. I’ll be live, taking your questions as well. So tune in and chime in with me Thursday...

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on Apr 2, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Moose Podcast #77 – “The Car Tool”

In this episode
“The Car as a Photographic Tool”
There are lots of tools we can grab as photographers, the car might need to be one of them. This is the time of year it’s used a lot as a blind/hide. And any time of the year, it might be a power source.

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on Apr 2, 2018 in Random Thoughts

D5 Firmware Update

There was a D5 Firmware Update you might wanna install. It updates: • Fixed the following issue: – The camera sometimes had difficulty focusing on subjects in focus points at the edges of the frame. There was also one for the V2 and...

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