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on Feb 23, 2018 in Random Thoughts

FL Bird Photography Adv Extravaganza

Amazing FL Birds Adv Feb, 2019! I’m really excited to share with you our FL Birds East Coast Adv 2019! We spent some time there just a week ago scouting some really cool, new locales! Ya, you’ll see some of the West Coast birds but you’ll also see some really cool new and rare birds. In just one day, we had 54 species. We had an Iceland Gull, for example, very rare and very cool! We’re even more excited to have hired for at least 1-day locale birder extraordinaire, guide and photographer Jason Giraulo who will take us to a special, closed locale. It’s going to be a killer trip! You’ll lie on the sand and walk the marshes, be in a forest and even perhaps by a rocket! You’ll fly into Orlando on the 20th, out the 25th. We’ll pick you up, take you around and bring you back. Not 100% sure where we’ll base out of as there are tons of great options, but most likely Palm...

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on Feb 19, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Photoshop World Baby!

The greatest event to learn, get excited, meet new and old friends and simply move your craft forward, Photoshop World is just around the corner! Yes, it’s not until May you might be saying, but I’m crazily now getting my classes roughed out and early bird specials are about to expire. Here is just a start of my classes this year: PHOTO SAFARI (aviation / portrait themed) MODERN DAY WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY BEYOND STICKS & STUMPS AIRSHOWS: GET BEYOND THE CROWD SHOT LUMINAR: FEELING THE VOID OF NIK And of course, I’ll be there the whole time so if you see me, stop me, say hi and if you have a question, ask! Can’t wait to be back again with you all. Look forward to seeing you...

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on Feb 16, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Jake’s Gorgeous new Site!

I’m very proud to share with you Jake’s new website! He’s been working on it for two months. It’s not just a new shine to the old one, but there’s a ton of new content and videos. Check it out and be sure to bookmark...

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on Feb 15, 2018 in Random Thoughts

FL Birds Portfolio

We’re just back from 12 days of photographing birds in Florida. It was an absolutely great time with great birds! We wanted to see for ourselves how the birds would bounce back from the hurricanes and it was great to see them, perhaps more than 2017, in the locales we love. I’ve posted a small portfolio of my images, only 35 of the 4k I came back with. I’ll post my new all-time favorite at some later time. All these shots were taken with the D5, 800mm and at times with it’s matched 1.25x. I was delighted to see North Beach, Ft DeSoto back to how it was a decade ago! Lots and lots of waders and now it has it’s own “barrier island” that the shorebirds cover. The rookeries like Venice were quite active which was great to see. We even spent time on the eastside going to Orlando Wetlands for the first time (thanks, Jason) which was outstanding! We finished with my taking Sharon to Circle B...

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