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on Oct 19, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Amazing New Nikon Glass

I’ve personally not seen these lenses, but I’m told they are just as amazing as the new 105f1.4 AFS. Here’s the official info PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED (Nikon’s first Tilt/Shift Lens) Product 20065 Control perspective, focus and depth of field like never before with the first NIKKOR PC lens that can be tilted parallel or perpendicular to shift. (Depending on the combination of shift and rotation, operation may be restricted by mechanical interference between the lens and the camera). Its ultra-wide 19mm angle of view and superb image quality make it ideal for landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, interiors, panoramas and fine art photography and filmmaking. Bend perspective to match your vision. AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR Product 20063 The new benchmark for fast telephoto zoom lenses, and a powerhouse for low—light, sports, wildlife, concerts, weddings, portraits, and everyday shooting. With improvements across the board—optical formula, handling, weather sealing, and VR image stabilization-this is truly a dream lens for pros, hobbyists, FX and DX shooters...

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on Oct 14, 2016 in Random Thoughts

My Friend of 1.7 Million Miles

For the last two decades, my trusted Eagle Creek Monster Trunk has been with me. Traveling nearly 1.7 million miles, visiting 6 continents being in trains and planes, airboats and helicopters, small skiffs and truck, it has served me and my gear faithfully all these years. It has gone back to Eagle Creek a couple of times for TLC repairs but this last trip to AK was its last, it took a fatal blow. Thankfully, Eagle Creek has another trunk now, the ORV 36 (on the left) to take its place. I use lots of Eagle Creek gear so know it will serve me and my gear well for years to come. You’re probably wondering what camera gear goes in my check in. Everything except camera bodies and lenses, that’s a lot! I’ll miss my old friend though and look forward to making a new...

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on Oct 5, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Let’s Shoot Some Birds!

Interested in learning bird biology to improve your photography? Interested in better learning your camera technology? Want to learn to combine that biology with technology to capture those gorgeous bird photographs? That’s exactly what we do on a Moose Adventure and we have two coming up that are just right for you to do all of this! We are very excited to announce a Madera Cyn, AZ bird trip 26-30 June, 2017 based out of the famous Santa Rita Lodge. This is south of Tucson, AZ and has been a hot bed for birders and bird photography for decades. This is the Costa Rica of the US with over 20 Hummingbird species, woodpeckers, orioles, owls and even the rare Elegant Trogan to see and photograph! You have options of lodging from rooms to cabins and Santa Rita Lodge, all with thier own private feeders literally right our your window chuck full of great birds. The birds come right to the camera. This is an old haunt of ours we’ve...

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on Sep 30, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Axler Mirrorless Camera Gimbal

This is a thing of beauty! As you know, I use the Nikon 1 V3 alot and often for video which it does beautifully. But doing walk around with it shooting video don’t turn out so well. I’m just not that steady. So a while back, I got the Osmo which does a great job but needs the iPhone for a monitor. Well, problem solved. The new Axler Handheld Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras connects right to the Nikon 1 or any mirrorless camera taking all the jiggle out of the walk around. In addition, it has a joystick permitting camera movement, rotation and elevation changes. You can look at the video below that I included my shadow just so you can see how easy it is to use. Seriously, it’s marvelous. The only thing I recommend getting a charger hub for the rechargeable batteries. I got the 2.4A USB Charger with Folding Prongs. Oh, why is the audio in the video, so you can hear that the gimbal adds...

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