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on Apr 11, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Moose Kits @B&H!

Didn’t see this coming, but B&H contacted me last week and wanted to make available to Moose Readers special deals on “Moose Kits” I created. The four you find here are real savings YOU get by just following the links. Besides all the cool free add ons B&H is including, there are real savings when you buy the kit compared to buying the pieces separately. I was told this is not a time limited deal and might be expanded with time. Now the D500 isn’t shipping at this moment but if you place the order, the savings are applied. Hope this helps you get into the gear your want, for...

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on Apr 9, 2016 in Random Thoughts

A Moment to Stop

Here’s the things with clouds, when you see the perfect one, you gotta stop then and there to take them. The perfect ones just don’t stick around! The winds that in large part give rise to thier perfection also quickly change them to nothing. So when you see that perfection, you gotta take a moment to stop. Along Hwy 96 in Nebraska, there aren’t a whole lot of pullouts so stopping was a challenge. We were fortunate there was a dirt road we could drive into within a short distance of where we saw this scene. Looking the scene over, there were to many perfect clouds to take in one click. I should explain that. The amount of sky to ground ratio is what for me made me think I couldn’t capture them in one click. I needed a sliver of ground and in doing that, cropped into the clouds more than I liked. So it was pano time which is real simple anymore. Shooting the D5 / 24-70VR,...

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on Mar 28, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Linn Area Photo Club All Dayer!

Linn Area Photo Club is hosting an all day event April 23 and we’re talking photography! Event Topics: Session 1: 50 in 60 – Tools, Techniques and Tricks You Must Have as a Photographer Session 2: Click to Click – From Camera to Digital Darkroom Session 3: The Light Tells the Story Session 4: Tell the Critters’ Tales This is not a lecture but an open forum where I’m going to present ideas and you’re going to have to apply those that work for your photography and forget the rest. And there is a ton of time inserted into the day to answer your questions. Be it about light, subject or gear (like the D5), I’ll be there to help the best I can. Look forward to sharing what I’ve learned so far in my travels in photography with...

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on Mar 9, 2016 in Random Thoughts

PSW PreCon & The Grid!

Hey folks … I’ll be on The Grid today with my good friend Scott Kelby. We have a pretty cool topic that I know will have answers that might just make you scratch your head, check your camera bag and look at your photographs just a little bit differently. Be sure to check us out! Yesterday as I understand it, registration for Photoshop World opened up which includes my PreCon. I’m doing something totally new this year for Precon. We are going for a SUNRISE shoot and then back to the classroom to finish those images we shot together. We’re going to catch the gorgeous desert light in the cool of the day and then finish up during the heat of the day INSIDE learning to finish our passion. Sure hope you come to join us, I’m told that already the Precon is nearly full. Cya at Photoshop World at the very...

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on Feb 29, 2016 in Random Thoughts

OKC Bedford Camera Bound!

So CAN’T wait until this weekend and being in OKC at Bedford Camera’s PhotoCon! I’ll be talking my favorite topic, wildlife photography, photography and of course a little bit about gear. We’re doing a Zoo Photowalk, a little formal presentation (ok, 2hrs of my yacking like about my cousins, Ghost Faced Bear and much more) and just celebrating how fortunate we are to be photographers. Love to cya … come on down and join in on...

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