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on May 4, 2015 in Random Thoughts

DoF Thought

“What’s the best f/stop, what f/stop are you using, how much depth of field do I need?” These questions are asked all the time and understandably. How much should be technically sharp is hard for most to see let alone, apply. I post these two images just to give you food for thought. The lens (D750 / 24-70AFS) is focused on Howard but one image was shot at f/2.8 and the other at f/16. Can you tell which is which? And if not, why? Am I screwing with your mind’s eye? You bet but it’s no more than what you can do to with your photography!My favorite and what I shot at was f/2.8, the difference in slight but it’s enough to be important to me. The key here is, YOU need to see and use the DoF that is important to you and your storytelling. Is this post supposed to clear up your DoF questions? Nope, if anything, to make you think even more about it and just...

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on Feb 24, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Simple Blessing

For the last couple of days, this is where you could find me. Sitting on a stool in wait, heavy jacket, blanket on my lap and gloves on, I’ve sat at this window hunched over with the 18 degrees winter blast rushing in. And as I sat there looking out the window waiting for the next pulse of birds to come through, I was thinking. How incredibly fortunate we photographers be! Ya, there is the frustration that comes with the craft, but that all dissolves away when you’re watching the world through the lens. I mean really, to sit, watch, whatever it is that makes your heart beat and when it is beating the fastest, when it’s heating up everything inside of you, you can can simply go click and there you have it! For that split nanomoment in time, your cares are gone and your memory is captured. Forever! What else brings that alive to us in our lives, and does it over and over again? So I...

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on Jan 12, 2015 in Field Reports, Random Thoughts

“Where are these rules …”

“Where are these rules written down?” The squinty eyed, glass wearing accountant asks the sage weathered, wise cowboy sitting astride his horse. He answers, “Damn it man, they aren’t written down, they’re lived!” This quote from Monte Welsh strikes me every time I hear it. It makes me think back on the email questions that have arrived in my InBox of late, what I’ve seen on the web, and at times I scratch my head. I am amazed how often I put out something I use in my photography that I have found works for me and then I see it next put out as a rule and then the inevitable web debate begins. While it is true there are some aspects of photography that appear to be craved in stone, no sooner you think this then you see someone, for good or bad, go and do the contrary and produce results. And while we need to have some of these “rules” they should be considered as a starting...

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on Dec 15, 2014 in Landscape Photography, Random Thoughts

As Big As Your Heart

How big of a camera do you need? How big of a lens should you have in your bag? How big should the pixel count be that you work with? These questions find there way to my inbox it seems hourly with fews of my answers pleasing those asking. This simple click from a Nikon 1 V3 is of as big a subject as they come but has big impact only because its as big as your...

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on Dec 11, 2014 in Random Thoughts

Warbird Calendar – Christmas Present?

“70 years ago they were fighting for our freedom and today their roll is to cause people to remember that.” We still have some in stock but coming to the end of the last print run! There is still time to get them ordered and in hand to get them under the tree. We are very proud to release this commemorative calendar and your orders tells us it will be hanging on hundreds of walls around the globe!. Featuring the planes of the Texas Flying Legends, this calendar for 2015 also includes history on every page. Help us remember by ordering one today. Please enter the security code: Security Code (lowercase letters): Please enter the captcha verification code. Order    ...

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