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on Oct 10, 2014 in Random Thoughts

Doing that Africa Homework

Now I’m bloody excited! I’m heading out for my first Africa safari in a few hours and going with the amazing Images in Africa folks for what will be a trip of a lifetime. Being all new, I’ve been busy doing my homework trying to learn the new critters I’m hoping to photograph. Knowing your subject is so important to coming back with that memorable photograph. Now the giraffe and elephant, I’ve got them down. It’s the Cape Fox, Lesser Bushbay and African Swamphen or White-backed Mousebird (great, they combine mammal and bird names!) and so many more I’m working on. Jake is there now and today he wrote us saying, “even the dirt birds are great!” so I’m jamming and cramming. Part of this process is creating my file naming architecture. Each night, I will go through my images and edit them, figure out who is who and then with that done, be able to rename, file and back all the images up so when I get back...

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on Aug 25, 2014 in Aviation, Random Thoughts

The Other Life of the Vertical

“Think vertical, vertical, vertical!” My good friend Richard likes to remind aviation photographers to think vertical when flying air to air photo missions. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t think verticals naturally. My vision is always on either the wide or intimate horizontal not the vertical. My mind’s eye just doesn’t naturally go vertically but if you want magazine covers, you gotta think vertically. In my entire editorial career, I was never after covers because I naturally arrange elements horizonatly. The one cover I cherish the most was the last wrap around cover Audubon magazine ever did in 1995, a horizontal image of a California Gnatcatcher. Not really worried about covers, I don’t shoot verticals for covers. Just having my 10th cover for 2014 hitting the news rack this week, it made me think I should say something about this unnatural photographic format that does pay bills. Being an old fart, I still call them verticals still while most call them the portrait format. Anyways, the...

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on Apr 2, 2014 in Random Thoughts

So …. it’s 0410 and all is quiet in the house … again

but it wasn’t just ten minutes ago ….. Lying in bed about an hour ago when there was crash in the kitchen. One, single, noise. Sharon says, “There’s a critter in the house.” I go back to sleep. Thirty minutes later, our dog jumps up in the bed and is lying there not really sleeping. I’ve gone back to sleep. At 0400, I hear another loud noise upstairs so I’m sent to investigate. I have our dog with me and I no sooner turn the corner into the living room from the stairs then I see a gray flash going behind the TV, our dog in hot pursuit. I get our dog downstairs, a net and Sharon upstairs and for the next ten minutes it is Loony Tune time as I chase a flying squirrel around the living room. Did you know them suckers are fast?! The squirrel finally went down the stairs and hit the tile floor where it meet its match. The tile floor! It did a...

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on Feb 4, 2014 in Random Thoughts

I’m Truly Honored …. Share the Passion!

Sharon & I have spent a lot of time working with kids over the decades, sharing our passion for our wild heritage with them but this is a first. An “impersonator” went in my stead and it sounds like he was a HUGE success. We want to thank Mike for sharing the passion though the lack of a mustache is the dead give away! Thanks Mike!!!! Hi Moose, Today was dress as your favorite character day at my elementary school. I dressed up as you (as best I could!) and had the students who were still in costume come down at the end of the day while our librarian snapped a photo. I went into each classroom during the day and showed them my “Moose Peterson ID” (the plastic sleeve on my photog jacket). I explained that you were a world famous wildlife photographer—and that you helped save endangered species. This made you quite popular! I told them to go home and google your website so you may get...

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