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on Dec 10, 2015 in Thought of the Month

Gift of Learning – Gift of the Print

There is nothing like the gift of photography! We love teaching the craft and art of photography so we offer a number of workshops throughout the year. Many spouses give a workshop during the holidays and we want to thank you. So between now and the end of the year, give a workshop (or just simply sign up) and you’ll receive a 17×22 print of your choice as a thank you! Jan 11-15 ’16 Yellowstone Jan 28-31 ’16 Snowy Owls, MN April 04-08 ’16 Grouse & Chicken April 13-17 ’16 Santa Fe, NM April 25-3 ’16 Storm Chasing May 27-29 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND June 10-12 ’16 Sierra Birds, CA July 01-03 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND Aug 14-20 ’16 Australia Sept 09-11 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND We have a number of offerings, from critters to landscapes to aviation. If you see one that interests you, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506 and she’ll be happy to provide you more information and get you signed up! We look forward to sharing...

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on Sep 20, 2015 in Thought of the Month

The Love of My Life

Forty years ago today, my life was changed forever. It’s when our adventure together began, one that continues to this day and points to the future. She’s my business partner, my best friend, gave me two amazing sons and has been by my side from the very start. There are no words to describe my love for her, and no words to say thanks. But she will always be, the love of my life! This is how it all began “Will you go out with me?” That one question launched the two great love affairs of my life. In my dad’s new Dodge Dart Swinger (what a name for a car), I picked up my date. In the trunk was my new Minolta SRT202 w/50f1.4 and 105f3.5 I had worked all summer to buy, a 24mm lens borrowed from a friend and my brother’s tripod and cable release I had borrowed from him. With that we made the drive down to Huntington Beach, a 30min rush of nervousness. We...

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on Dec 31, 2014 in Thought of the Month

A New Year’s Resolution?

Those who know me know I love history and none better than my family. Under the tree this year were many new books, one was Kiska: The Japanese Occupation of an Alaska Island. I know it was a busy year for me, I only got 19 books read (last year was normal with 28) but this last one, Kiska was great! Written by a biologist working with birds, he went looking for our history as well as birds. The Aleutian Battle during WWII fascinates me to no end because as many have called it, it was the forgotten war. The island of Kiska especially, because of its long history with men, wildlife and then, war. I have always wanted to spend time on Kiska with my camera and now after reading the book, more than ever. What has that got to do with a New Year’s resolution? As photographers, and don’t be mistaken we are VERY fortunate to be photographers, we have a certain responsibility to keep the craft...

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on Nov 26, 2014 in Thought of the Month

What Really Makes Photography Fun

When all the f/stops and shutter speed settles, there is one thing that really makes photography fun … family! Whether they are the subject or who you come home to after a photographic adventure to share your photos with, it’s all about family. And when you can share the photographic process with family (the boys & me in Africa a month ago), well then you really know the fun. Just another great thing to be thankful for in our...

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