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on Oct 24, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

D610 – It’s in Hand!

Oh ya, we’re walking out the door on our latest project and Mr UPS walks up and hands me a B&H box containing a D610! Hot Dogs, I charged the battery on the flight and landed with the camera ready to go, Lexar 64gb SD loaded, and all my settings inserted (I’ll be posting my settings here soon). Than we dealt with really slow, slow, slow luggage, horrible traffic and when I could finally shoot, it was dark! Argh!!! So as you read this, I’m out shooting it up with this great priced killer camera....

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on Oct 22, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

Vello Wireless ShutterBoss

This is simply cool (you know how I love toys, tools)! The Vello Wireless ShutterBoss works up to 250′ away from your camera giving you cast control over operation and firing. You truly need to read the instruction book on this remote, it does that much! Here’s the short list: Works with mutiple brands (need correct cable) 99 Possible Radio Channels Up to 250′ (80 m) Range Trigger Camera Wirelessly or Wired Dual-Function (Focus & Trigger) Release Delay Release Function Multi-Exposure Mode Interval Control Long Exposure Control LED Indicators–Pre-Focus & Exposure You can get it for Nikon or Canon. And if you want to fire the camera wired, you’ll need to buy that cable separately (wireless pictured here). Note: the product shot was done in a heartbeat using the Westcott Strip Box / SB-910 / PocketWizard FlexTT5 setup just 12″ above the product. I’m loving that...

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on Aug 29, 2013 in Aviation, Gear Just Introed!

C-53 Jump Video

There are times when I think video rocks (that’s never when I’m editing it) as a storyteller and this is one of them! Having friends in the right places really helps in aviation photography. The pilot of the C-53 is a dear friend and when I requested to attached the GoPro Hero3 to capture the skydivers exiting the plane, he said let’s make it happen! Na, the video and editing are not perfect, this is a first for me in a couple of ways. First, never worked a flight with jumpers. Second, never got fancy and included music (thanks to Roy at Triple Scoop Music). So with all of that, here’s a little fun for you to watch. A little bit on the photography. The Hero3 is set to Protune which creates a huge file, in fact this flight it made 9 files. Why do I go so big? I have NO clue how this might be used in the future or what technology will come down the road....

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on Aug 13, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

Buffalo DriveStation DDR

There just never seems to be enough space, ever notice that? On the lookout for small (footprint) and portable, large, fast storage, I found the new Buffalo DriveStation DDR. While it requires 120, this new drive perfectly fit the bill for on the road hard drive space for my ever increasing need for portable video storage, especially shooting Protune mode with the Silver Hero3. What makes this drive different? It’s freakin speed! Buffalo wants you to compare it’s speed with SSD, seriously! That’s right, the speed of the DDR is comparable to SSD but the 3TB DDR isn’t even $200! This is all very impressive, especially when in use. Plugged into my Mac Retina which has SSD, I can’t tell I’m working with an external. Now it’s designed to be a desktop unit but it’s working great as a portable. So, looking for more space, blistering speed for only pennies on the MB, this is the way to...

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on Jul 26, 2013 in Aviation, Gear Just Introed!

What Gear Am I Taking to Osh?

As little as possible! Seriously, when you walk 6+ miles each day, too much gear just kills so this is where less is more! At the same time, I need to have the tools for the known and unknown, for the given and the imagination. With that in mind, you’re probably going to think I have everything but the kitchen sink. I’d have that but I’ll be in a tent. Here ya go: D4 (3x 1 rented from D800 200-400VR2 80-400VR3 24-70AFS 18-35AFS 50f1.4AFS 24f1.4AFS 16Fish TC-14eII GoPro Hero3 (2x) Contour+ ContourRoam2 Lexar 128GB 1000x CF (6) Lexar 32GB & 64GB microSD (6, at least until I loose them darn small things) Think Tank Airport Vulture Strap Sun Sniper Strap Mountain Smith sling bag You might be wondering why I have both the 200-400VR and 80-400VR3. There are a number of reasons, the first being I can put teleconverters on the 200-400 and easily work. Next, the 80-400 is a dust pump (dust pump is an old term...

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