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on Aug 7, 2014 in Great Stuff

Growing from the UnKnown

When Jake first told us he was photographing a wedding, I was a little surprised. He’d heard dad say many times, “The day I left school, I stopped shooting weddings.” He knew I wasn’t a fan of shooting them (did over 100 back in the day). But being a smart kid (gets that from his mom) he took on the new challenge. Being very smart, he went to Cliff Mautner’s classes at Photoshop World. Cliff is great (a fellow Nikon Ambassador) and Jake quickly picked up a lot of pointers from Cliff that he incorporated into his photography. Well, he’s shot his first wedding and I think he did a great job! He talks about it and his experience and what he learned in his blog today. You might want to give it a read, it’s...

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on Jul 29, 2014 in Great Stuff

Brent, Video and Photoshop

Last week I was braggin about our boys well, Brent just posted the Bumper they created for the client which you can see above. The really, really cool thing is it was all created in Photoshop! Brent talks about how here. What amazes me still is, Brent taught himself how to do all of...

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on Jul 23, 2014 in Great Stuff

“What are They Up To?”

Sharon & I are constantly being asked this about our sons, Brent & Jake. Both boys grew up in this industry and have since day one, been part of our visual communications business, seeing every side to it. Simply put, the boys make us darn proud! While they are still part of the family business, they aren’t either. Both live far away from us, running their own very successful businesses with the family coming together working on special joint projects during the year. Now Jake & I go shooting together (See Jakes gorgeous landscapes this week?) quite often and Brent is the master mind behind all our iBooks & apps. Brent & Jake have met so many of you over the years, many ask how they are doing and what they’re up to and now I can answer that real easily and do a little bragging at the same time. What you see above is from Brent & Jake’s first joint, very successful venture. You really should check it...

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on Apr 8, 2014 in Great Stuff

Photo Safari Precon Atlanta – Ya Baby!

Photoshop World is off and sailing and the clock is spinning out of control which normal. My Sunday post about weather brought in all sorts of questions, the biggest one was, Well? We woke up yesterday to a Noah type event, not good for planes or photographers. But by 1500 when we were at the Dixie Wing of the CAF, we were out and shooting. The folks at the Dixie Wing were Killer! The folks with me from the Precon were great! So we had a marvelous time. Thanks to all!!! We the morning in class talking about two essential elements in a photograph IMHO, light and storytelling. We then went into the field (air field that is) to work on those concepts. One of the things we did was go over the simple technique I do for taking a pilot portrait. Here I am going over that technique. For those who were there asking about the gear, here’s all I had with me: Westcott Rapid Box Octa SB-910...

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on Apr 7, 2014 in Great Stuff

Gaberial Knows Photography, Knows Fun!

So I’m holding my book on Night Photography (You should have been sent a copy a long time ago – please advise if you didn’t get it) and the other book is Brian Smith’s book on the Sony A7/A7r. The Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots is THE book to get you successfully shooting once the sun goes down. It is aimed at newbies to the night but definitely has advanced techniques as well as tons of inspiring images. It is co-written by Tim Cooper and covers: Focusing in the dark Composition – knowing the rules and when to break them. How to successfully figure out exposures for seconds, minutes, and even hours! Color – dialing in the right white balance for tricky night scenes – adding flash, slow sync, and using gels. Light painting – adding new light and color to the scene. Lightroom and Photoshop techniques for the night owl – star stacking, HDR, and blending. Gear – breaking down the essential tools you need to...

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