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on Nov 12, 2014 in Just Out!, Moose's Camera Bag

Lexar’s New 256GB Data Storage

Lexar has been moving the bar forward in a big way dealing with our images. As well as using their cards (CF & SD), and their brand new Thunderbolt 2 Hub (seen here or get the individual reader), they have come out with a 256GB Data Storage Drive. So what’s the big deal, a new storage device? Many have a basic workflow where, when they upload their images they make a backup of them. This is easily done for example in my favorite DAM, PhotoMechanic. Well, you can do that now with this Lexar 256 Data Storage at blistering Thunderbolt speed. Or if you’re like me, you shoot a bunch of video that needs to be shared with someone. Here’s another great use for this speed. And speed is what it is all about. It’s a very simple yet elegant way to make hast with a daily task. Simply...

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on Nov 10, 2014 in Just Out!

Calendar – First Print Run Nearly Gone!

“70 years ago they were fighting for our freedom and today their roll is to cause people to remember that.” Wow … we’re running out of calendars, already. Thanks! Thinking about another press run so if you want 1 or, say, 100, place your order now so we can get them to you! We are very proud to release this commemorative calendar and your orders tells us it will be hanging on hundreds of walls around the globe!. Featuring the planes of the Texas Flying Legends, this calendar for 2015 also includes history on every page. Help us remember by ordering one today. Please enter the security code: Security Code (lowercase letters): Please enter the captcha verification code. Order    ...

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on Nov 8, 2014 in Just Out!

I’m on Instagram!

Yep, I just wasn’t social enough so added Instagram to the list of things to do. It’s been kinda fun, posting images there that I’m not really posting here. I’m using it like a pictorial travel log shooting images either with the iPhone or, shooting with the D750 and using its wireless capabilities to send an image to the iPhone where I finish the image and post. This is the latest image I posted, the full image and not the cropped one on Instagram. Once I figure out how to do that, you’ll see the full image on Instagram. You can find me there at, MoosePeterson and hope you...

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on Sep 25, 2014 in Just Out!

Wilderness Film Permits – The Fine Print?

This was just brought to my attention because this piece in the Washington Post was then posted on the Shutterbug and NPPA site. I’ve seen these headlines a lot over the decades so I clicked on the link to the Federal Register to read for myself where it states: This language is taken right from Proposed Directive: “The current language has been in place for 48 months. This proposal would make permanent guidelines for the acceptance and denial for still photography and commercial filming permits in congressionally designated wilderness areas.” This is not new, been in place for 48 months, that’s four years now. I am not a lawyer and I could be totally wrong, but the language in this Proposed Directive is about the same as what you read when you apply for a permit in a National Park to conduct a photographic workshop / commercial shoot on those public lands. The difference here is the price is much higher. I strongly urge you to click on the...

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