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on Sep 8, 2014 in Just Out!

Warbirds and The Men Who Flew Them

This coming Friday, the 12th at 7PM EST, Wabirds and the Men who Flew Them will have its world release. Many have asked when the next Kelby Class on aviation photography will be coming out. This isn’t it! This is a film and Scott and I will be hosting a live webcast during its premiere. Ya, you could say it’s about air to air photography, but that’s only the means to an end. The film is about how the Texas Flying Legends Museum through their squadron of WWII warbirds honor our vets and inspire future generation. Thankfully, I have a minor role. It’s the vets themselves who I interview on camera and the aircraft that are the stars. To be apart of this event, you need to click on the link and register. What you’re going to see has never been done before but through you, will hopefully be carried on to the next...

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on Sep 3, 2014 in Just Out!

That “Dam” Photography

Today was the Photo Safari at Photoshop World and it was a dam good day. In fact, I heard so many Dam jokes I’m dam tired of them. That’s because we went to Hoover Dam for the Photo Safari and had a Dam good time! Here’s a collection of some of the images I shot today. You’ve got the ride down the 600 some feet into the Generator room. Of couse once the camera went back down, everyone went back to looking at … yeap, their feet. SO I shot, their feet. And then there was the walk down the tunnels to the bowels of the dam. This was pretty darn cool. For example, while it was 110 degrees outside, it was 72 degrees in the base. Then there was the dam itself. It was really very cool to see how this ’30s technology was still working today. It was a great day with some great folks and a great local. Thanks to all who joined...

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on Aug 26, 2014 in Just Out!

Nikon Firmware Updates

Nikon released a number of body firmware updates today for D4s, D610, D600, D7100, D7000 and D90. Find your update on the chart. Be sure you you follow the warning: The firmware cannot be upgraded when Network > Network connection in the Setup menu is set to ON. Be sure to set Network connection to OFF before attempting to upgrade the...

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on Aug 7, 2014 in Camera Tech, Just Out!

The Nikon 1 V3

The same day Mr UPS delivered the D810, he delivered the new Nikon 1 V3 (w/10-30 lens) to the office. We had and use a ton the Nikon 1 V2 so wanted to give the V3 a try. Why some have already asked? Well, I love the Coolpix 7800, it does a marvelous job but everyone knows I’m a lens whore and you can’t change lenses on the 7800. I’m looking for that killer “pocket” camera that I can take everywhere from fly fishing to jobs and it does it all. Well, with the D810 primary testing done, time to play with the V3 and I can tell you, I really, really like it! First thing is, it feels great! It’s all metal and heavy. It’s actually physically smaller than the Coolpix 7800 and has a great live finder that works perfectly. I’m loving that. The shots you see here I took at 33k feet going over WA last night. I’ve just started to dig into this thing, but...

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