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on Nov 10, 2017 in Field Reports

Luminar 18’s Sun Ray

Light beams are a special way to celebrate light in our photographs. Capturing God Beams is simply a gorgeous way to bring drama to our visual stories. They not only lead the eye through the frame but give a “warm all under” feeling making them simply a win-win to include whenever possible. The classical way of capturing those beams is to include the sun in the frame, close the lens down to its smallest f/stop and go click. If there is no cloud, zero, between your camera and the sun, you can bring those beams in. Not every lens makes a great sunburst so you can use a filter, technique like The Pinch and now, Luminar ’18’s Sun Ray! Yes, you could create sun rays where there were none, but that’s not how I’m using this great new tool. Rather, I’m using it where there is a slight cloud cover between the sun and lens so the beams are really wimpy. IMHO if you can see the effect, you’re...

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on Oct 30, 2017 in Field Reports

D850 & Aurora HDR – Oh Ya!

Compacting a big range of light into a single photo is the goal of HDR. It’s now a whole lot simple with the D850 and MacPhun’s (Skylum) Aurora HDR. The D850 brings to this its 7FPS making hand-held HDR, 5 shot bracketed shooting a snap! What Aurora brings is not only its ease and speed but REALISTIC HDR math! Ya, you can quickly and easily go to the dark side, I prefer realistic so no matter your taste, you’ve got it. Bottomline … it...

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on Oct 17, 2017 in Field Reports

I’m Loving Breakthrough

Blurry water, been doing that for a long, long time. I hated the days of guessing with film, even in the early days of digital. Now though, it’s really dang simple to the point of I probably do it more than I should. The simplicity comes from using the D850 which can easily focus through the Breakthrough 6x ND. Now the Breakthrough is the FINEST ND I’ve ever used! Besides totally loving its knurled filter ring, its color integrity is spectacular! There is no color cast, period! And with the ND Timer app, it’s a snap to make the perfect exposure from the get go. I start at ISO64, then close the lens down and look at the shutter speed (shooting in Aperture Priority). I have the AF Sensor on an element in the frame that provides either contrast, strong vertical or diagonal lines then screw in place the Breakthrough 6x ND filter. I then hit the AF-ON button to make sure focus hasn’t been effected, look at the...

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on Sep 27, 2017 in Field Reports

On that Low Theme

While I don’t love to do it, but when there’s grass getting down low ain’t so bad (cause getting back up is a tad easier). The need to get low is great when you have a background like you do in the top frame! So going down low is really the only option. You can a hide a whole lot behind a plane when you go down. So just like with the American Golden Plover photo, how low to go really is controlled by the background itself. You can see here that I’m really in the grass. And in fact, to hide that building, I sent a tad off center to hide it. Here’s my trick for this shot. Once I get down, I don’t wanna keep moving around for images size. So what I do is set the 24-70VR to 24mm, look through the D5 and physically move until at 24mm, the plane fills the frame from wing tip to wing tip. That’s where I get down. Then...

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on Sep 20, 2017 in Field Reports

D850 Pixel Pipping

Long ago, I took a class taught by the CIA on high-resolution photography. We’re talking Tri-X film days. The goal of the class was to take a photo of a government building and be able to enlarge that photograph to see the stars on the American Flag. Fast forward to digital I have often tried to do that same thing but have always fallen short. Might have come close but as they say, close only counts in hand grenades and atom bombs. Well, those days might just be over. Out on The Palouse shooting yesterday with the D850 / 80-400VRII at 400mm. Shooting this really cool scene when Sharon said, “There are numbers on those doors.” I previewed the image on the LCD and then zoomed in as I had many times already with the D850. Above you can see the arrow and below is that number. Now that’s just darn...

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on Sep 18, 2017 in Field Reports

KelbyOne Cleaning Class Supplies

My new class on Camera Gear Care has just been released over at KelbyOne. I’ve been FLOODED with emails asking where to get the supplies. It’s the same list you’ll find just a month ago here on the Blog. Here ya go again :-) “Pink Juice” = LensClens Eclispe Sensor Cleaner Visible Dust Sensor Loupe Visible Dust 1.x (FX Sensor) Swabs Visible Dust 1.5 (DX Sensor)...

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