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on Mar 14, 2017 in Field Reports

This is WHY IoSafe!

This is just ONE reason why I’m a HUGE fan of IoSafe. After the devastating fire (thankfully not at our office) while the box is toast, literally, all the data is in tack! My love affair with the IoSafe 1515+ and Synology is stronger than ever! I have come to rely on DS File in a way that a year and a half ago I would never have guessed. The beauty is I can access all my photos from ANYWHERE in the world if a client needs them. This sounds grandiose but twice now, being able to grab the Nef for a client while in their presence made all the difference in making the sale. The ability to retrieve and send files from the IoSafe 1515+ from my iPhone using products like HIGHTAIL without ever logging into a computer has become a common occurrence now part of my workflow. WRP files are all organized and easy to find, every images has it’s own unique alpha-numeric code, a system we...

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on Mar 13, 2017 in Field Reports

TT Airport Helipak

Think Tank has done it again! The new Airport Helipak V2 holds a ton … Laptop iPad DJI phantom 4K (any phantom can fit) Remote 2 phantom batteries Charger 8 blades (2 sets) D500 w/MB-D17 Nikon 24-120 Nikon 10-24 MX24-EL Long Condenser Shotgun Microphone Kit Chroma lite panel KeyMission 360 / 170 Suction cup mount Spare arms Holly...

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on Feb 24, 2017 in Field Reports

Extenda is So Cool!

The folks at B&H along with Vello have just come out with their Extenda. This is a very cool tool that has lots of applications in our photography. The example I’m using here is wildlife because it was something I could test with instantly. But I see applications for video work and client tethered so I’ve just scratched the surface of its possibilities. Here’s the first obvious application. The Extenda was connected via the USB port to the D500 (connected to 300PF). Set up remotely out in the cold (Zero degrees), I’m over 50′ and one room away by the fire watching the feeder on my iPad mini. When the subject appears, you tap the shutter release button (white circle on the right) and the camera fires, all realtime. It’s just that simple! Set up, connecting and learning took seconds which was nice. In this scenario if you see your subject landing at a spot where you did not focus, tap the screen of your device and the camera...

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on Feb 23, 2017 in Field Reports

They’ve Got The Juice!

Batteries are such an important “minor,” major component of our shooting. No power, no shooting, it’s that simple! So I’m always on the quest for the best battery I can find so then I can forget it. Got the new MX AA NiMH Batteries (8-Pack, 1.2V, 2550mAh), that’s right 2550mAh rechargeable batteries and do they pack the power! First thing, I stuck them right from the package into the SB-5000 and I popped off repeatedly over 100 flashes without seeing any reduction in recycle time. Then I put them in my favorite AA charger, topped them off and popped off a few hundred more flashes with no slow down in recycling. My testing has just begun but see an improvement over my last brand so I’m sticking with these. Gotta love that...

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on Feb 8, 2017 in Field Reports

Winter & Gear

“How do YOU deal with shooting in snow?” A common question of late so here are my basics. Understand be it snow or rain, my basic philosophy is if I can stand it, so can my gear. Now if I shot football and was stuck on the sidelines in a down pour with no possible cover for an hour, I might do things a little differently. But that’s not the case so I don’t use a cover for my gear when in these conditions. Rather, I have a dry, white towel tucked in my jacket that I use to BLOT my gear dry, I do not wipe! Blotting soaks up the moisture compared to wiping, which can force the moisture into cracks and crevices where it can cause harm. When I put my camera gear back into my MP-1 V2, it is as dry as I can make it so the moisture does not get transferred to the bag’s interior. When I get back inside, the first thing that...

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