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on Sep 5, 2017 in Field Reports

D850 New Auto PC

The D850 brings with it many new features, an interesting one receiving no play yet is the new Auto Picture Control. It can be summed up as “The camera automatically adjusts hues and tones based on the Standard Picture Control… elements as the foliage and sky in outdoor shots more vivid than in Standard Picture Control. Picture Control is one of the first things I explore in a new body as I feel it’s the heart and soul of how the camera’s computer translate the world I’m seeing to 1’s and Zeros. Since I shoot the D5 & D500 in Standard, this new Picture Control naturally grabbed my attention. So for the last few days, I’ve been giving it a spin. The first thing you notice when you head into the menus, Photo Shooting Menu > Set Picture Control > Auto, you’ll see a new value scale for Quick Adjust, Sharpening Clarity, Contrast, Saturation. Too soon to know the impact or lack of impact these might have on the...

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on Aug 31, 2017 in Field Reports

Is In Focus … in Focus?

Back in the day, I had a Vivitar 80-200. My photos were soft and I swore it wasn’t me but how to quantify my belief? I got a newspaper, taped it to the garage door, leveled out my camera to the newspaper and took some shots. When the film came back, I could see that what I thought, was true. Photographers still wonder if they are getting all they should be from their glass. These days some shooters now that we have an AF system question whether if the AF is delivering all the lens has to offer. There isn’t a day the question doesn’t hit my desk, “do you calibrate your AF system?” Since my system is delivering, and I know that because of the 28foot by 18foot prints made from my files, I’ve not bothered. My images are sharp. But with so many asking, I wanted to quantify what I know. After seeing this excellent piece in Rangefinder I decided to do a little testing (I will...

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on Aug 24, 2017 in Field Reports, Random Thoughts

Facts Are Not Enough

It’s actually quite simple, just listen and apply to your photography. NPR Tech Nation CARMINE GALLO relates “The Story Teller’s Secret.” Turns out – there’s a science to telling your story. Then on Tech Nation Health, there’s more in your gut than bacteria. Case-Western University Professor MAHMOUD GHANNOUM and his son, AFIF GHANNOUM, the CEO of Pathobiome, about fungus. Decades of NIH-funded research tell us what they do, how they interact with the bacteria, and why that’s...

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on Aug 8, 2017 in Field Reports

Turn Your Photos into Dollars!

After last week’s episode of The Grid, the office has been flooded with calls asking about our business class. Well, the next one is 29 Sept to 01 Oct at our office in Mammoth Lakes, CA. The price is $595 and has a seat left (class holds 8). This is a hard core class starting off with your showing a 30 image portfolio, then going shooting for profit. After that, the work really begins because you HAVE to come to class with a 1500 word article already written! Understand the focus is the editorial market place and how to succeed there to grow your business. So, you wanna make money from your camera, here ya go! To grab that last seat, give Sharon a call 760.924.8632 (plz leave message and we’ll get back to...

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on Aug 2, 2017 in Field Reports

The D5’s New G HL / VL

A couple of weeks back, Nikon released a firmware update to the D5 bringing us two new AF Modes, G HL and G VL. I was intrigued by the two new AF modes so have set about seeing what problems they solve the other AF modes might not. From my own shooting as I have nothing official, one Dynamic Focusing attributes the two new modes have is Closest Focus Priority. How does this help make the G HL / VL worth putting in a new firmware? As you can see above, when using the G HL mode, you have a “bar” of AF Sensors. With my feeling that they work on Closest Subject Priority, I’ve been using them as I would the S or Single AF sensor but knowing that only one of the AF Sensors of the 11 will grab onto the subject because of closest subject and focus. In other words, you have the selection ability of jsut one AF Sensor but the computer to assist in...

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on Jul 10, 2017 in Field Reports

The Amazing UTM-86

The Senal UTM-86 Lav Mic is truly an amazing Lav Mic especially for the price! The video covers all the great attributes about this mic including the additional power supply you see pictured below (not used in the recording of the video). You can plug this Lav mic into a Sennheiser or Nikon WE-M1 and other units. The UTM-86 comes with: UTM-86-35H Lav Mic with 3.5mm Connector PS-48B-35H Phantom Power Supply Single, Double Tie Clip, and Cable Clip Magnetic Clip with Lanyard Viper Clip and Foam Windscreen Carry...

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