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on Aug 7, 2015 in Field Reports

Nikon Owner Magazine

I am very honored to be in the 50th anniv issue of Nikon Owner Magazine! The extensive 18pg interview which we did while in London in April reveals a whole lot more than I thought, talking about wildlife photography and its role in our lives as we protect the lives on our subjects for future generations. I hope you give it a read and it inspires...

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on Jul 21, 2015 in Just Out!

Coat for the 300PF

Takin the new 300PF which is still new to Africa. I want it to stay new so the last thing I want to do is put a big scratch or brass the lens barrel working in the seat of the Landi. So, I called up the folks at LensCoat and ordered up their new LensCoat for the 300PF. I don’t have LensCoat on every piece of gear, but I sure do on those that I know are likely to get a nasty rub in the heat of action. This is especially true when working in any environment with metal like vehicles or aircraft. Now the smart folks at LensCoat give you two options with the Coat for the 300PF. You see pictured here the “non collar” coat and they provide you the coat if you use the tripod collar. You can protect your lens however you use it. That’s cool! It’s the little things that can make a big...

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on Jul 16, 2015 in Field Reports

Synology, DS & IoSafe

The IoSafe 1515+ installation just keeps getting better and better! I’m so in love with this system! Unbeknownst to me was all the Synology especially the Mobile Apps brings to the table. With DS File, DS Photo and DS Cloud, I can access ALL my images from ANYWHERE in the world with my iPhone, iPad and even my MacBook. Really you ask … watch! Here’s how I got it all up and working for our business IoSafe 1515+ – Journey Begins 1515+ – What’s Inside That’s Special IoSafe 1515+ – Connecting IoSafe 1515+ 01 June Update 30 June IoSafe Update IoSafe 1515+ is...

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on Jul 15, 2015 in Field Reports

RRS Pocket Pod

Really Right Stuff just brought out their Pocket Pod and it rocks! It’s is incredibly small yet incredible stable. As you can see below, it easily holds the Df / 300PF. And because I knew someone would ask, yes, I put the 800 / D4s on it and it held it steady as well. Now what you see on it is the basic RRS Microball which you can get as one unit if you’d like. I put the BH-25LR Ultra-light on mine just to give it a little more movement. The new Microball works really cool with that lever for movement. But whatever head you choose, this is a great little addition to your camera...

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on Jul 14, 2015 in Just Out!

MindShift Firstlight

MindShift has come out with three new backpacks that might just be the right bag you need this summer, all year. The Firstlight series (click on link) offers an incredibly comfortable system for when you have a distance to travel before you start shooting. While they can be used for basic everyday shooting, they are made for the long trek. I’m often asked what photo backpack I recommend for this activity and now I’m very please to have a series I can recommend. Check them...

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on Jul 8, 2015 in Field Reports

IoSafe 1515+ is Done!

The migration of 1.98mil images is completed, 6 NAS worth all gone and everything is in my new IoSafe 1515+. I’m so in love with this system! It’s speed and security makes quick work of projects when I’m in the office and safety when I’m gone. And with the x513 Expansion is working flawlessly, 60TB of space is working for me. This and a lot more are in this video. How I got this far, you can learn here: IoSafe 1515+ – Journey Begins 1515+ – What’s Inside That’s Special IoSafe 1515+ – Connecting IoSafe 1515+ 01 June Update 30 June IoSafe...

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