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on May 24, 2016 in Field Reports

Our Birds Need You!

Bird photographers, nature lovers, great outdoor enthusiasts, we can make a difference! Give this a read and see where you can help out our feathered...

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on May 6, 2016 in Field Reports

Nikon D5 DK-27 & Eyepiece

Nikon heard photographers and have made the eyepiece for the D5 very difficult for it to accidentally come off on its own. You have to now depress the two button on the left and right side at the same time to unscrew the eyepiece. Its truly locked into place and isn’t accidentally coming off. In fact, I’ve had a few folks write in and have personally experienced how difficult it can be to get the eyepiece unscrewed even when you depress the two buttons. Found a real simple solution that I mentioned in my last Podcast. Depressing the two button also permits the DK-27 to completely slide off the D5. With it off, place it in the sun for a couple of minutes and is quickly unscrews. As one who earned sore finger tips trying to unscrew an eyepiece, this simple cure might just save you some...

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on May 4, 2016 in Just Out!

Texas Bird Photography Workshop

Yep, Jake and I are teaming up for some winter bird photography along the coast of Texas. Jake is a great photographer and has a way with critters, which makes him a natural leader and teacher. Hundreds of bird species funnel through Texas as they head south of the border. The variety is huge and the opportunities almost exhausting. And there are some resident birds you won’t find anywhere else. This combination and a whole lot more make this a great place for bird photography! This is a long and short lens adventure and more than likely, a little flash thrown in for good measure. When you combine this all together, it makes for good times. The dates are 11.01-06.16. You’ll fly into Houston on the 1st and fly out on the 6th. Right now, we will base 2 days out of Galveston and 2 days out of Corpus Christi. Weather can affect the migration, which might cause a slight change to where we base out of. The price of $1975 covers instruction, transportation to...

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on Apr 28, 2016 in Field Reports

SB-5000, Wireless & Settings

This has been a LONG time coming! The D5 introduces quite eloquently the new Nikon SB-5000 and its wireless Creative Lighting System. You still have iTTL Flash Metering, but the camera and flashes talk wirelessly as well as optically. The HUGE advantage of wireless over optical is no more worrying about line of site for triggering your flashes. So for example if shooting along the Texas Coast with us in November and you need to use your SB-5000 with your long lens, no more cables between the camera and flash to fire and meter. No more wires to get caught in branches or scare off birds! Besides having a wireless capable body (only the D5 & D500 so far), you need to have the SB-5000 and WR-R10. If you already have the WR-R10, it needs to have firmware 3.0 which Nikon is doing for free (that is not a typo). Once you have all the pieces, pairing the flash, remote, body, all together is simple. But the controls are different with...

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