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on Jun 25, 2015 in Field Reports

IoSafe June Update

1st month of migration is completed with my new IoSafe 1515+. I’m so in love with this system! It’s speed and the safety is really a load of my mind. Why did it take a month? Did I learn some important things? Is the system now screaming at 113MBs? This and a lot more are in this video. How I got this far, you can learn here: IoSafe 1515+ – Journey Begins 1515+ – What’s Inside That’s Special IoSafe 1515+ – Connecting IoSafe 1515+ 01 June...

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on Jun 10, 2015 in Field Reports

Westcott Flex 1

I was at B&H a month ago and Howard, my favorite Lexar tech grabbed me and said, “You’ve got to see this!” And he was right, the new Westcott Flex 1 is simply amazing. Two is simply not enough for me. Check it...

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on Jun 9, 2015 in Field Reports

300 PF +

I had a marvelous weekend here “working” in the office during our Sierra Bird weekend. We had some great birds come on by for the guys and some T’d up long enough for me to make a click or two. As the boys learned, shooting birds at our office is really pretty darn easy, at first. I took the opportunity to shoot over their shoulders every now and again and do some testing with the new 300PF and teleconverters. The 300PF by itself is an blistering sharp, super fast focusing lens that works perfect out the windows of the office. One of the boys gave it a test drive while he was here. I had to dig it out of his camera bag when he was packing to leave. The other ordered one on the spot. It is just that good! But how about with teleconverters? I’ve posted images already with the new TC-14E III. That’s sweet! Shooting with the D4s, I tested the 300PF with the TC-17eII and...

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on Jun 8, 2015 in Field Reports

D810A Everyday?

I couldn’t bear it anymore with all the cloudy skies at night so I started to squirrel around with the D810A as an everyday camera. Sorry, I couldn’t pass up the bad pun start, but this weekend, we started our Sierra Bird weekend with a 1yr Black Bear and then it just kept getting better from there so had plenty of opportunities to put the D810A through normal shooting situations. I’ve had a WHOLE bunch of emails asking if the D810A can be used for normal photography. So the quick answer is, Yes/No! Taking a step back, understand the D810A is NOT designed nor intended for everyday photography! Using the D810A for general shooting may result in a red cast in certain scenes – you can see well what the outcome may be in this site dedicated to the D810A. I’m being told some people are trying to “correct” this by using a hot mirror filter in front of the lens – theoretically it would bring down the IR...

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on Jun 2, 2015 in Just Out!

Merlin Photo ID

The bright folks at Cornell Labs has introduced a great resource for wildlife photographers. Merlin Photo ID which is in beta, is a website where you can have your bird photos IDed! It is in beta right now and the database have only 400 birds species (there are over 600 species in NA alone), it’s a great start and way for you to learn who you’re photographing! I tested it by giving it a hard one, the front view of a Allen’s Hummingbird which looks exactly like a Rufous from the front. I’m impressed! So those of you who are bird ID challenged, here’s an easy way to figure out who you...

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