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on Dec 22, 2016 in Field Reports

Shooting In Snow … How?

How do I shoot in snow? I’ve had that email and phone call a couple of times this week. To be totally up front, understand that I just don’t get cold. Sharon is always telling me to put on a jacket so I don’t make other people feel cold. With that said, my preferred way to work in the snow, is to not be in the snow. Both of these photographs were taken from the comfort of inside my office shooting out an open window. But I have the feeling that’s not really at the heart of the question I’m being asked. The Musk Ox photo I posted yesterday on Instagram, I was standing out in the elements at -30 shooting and that is the most common way we shoot, out in the elements. When it comes to the gear (like gloves), like everything else I do, I use the KISS theorem. Here’s how I apply it. I start by avoiding breathing on the camera’s eyepiece. I gotta think...

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on Dec 15, 2016 in Field Reports

Keep Light in Your Back Pocket!

There’s a running joke amongst my circle of friends that starts with, “Do we need a flash” when originally they really meant to ask, “Should we bring a flash?” It became a running joke because I answered the original question with “I doubt it” not knowing what they were really meant to ask, to which the answer is “ALWAYS!” I always have at least one SB-5000 with me with freshly, fully charged Eneloop Pro AA batteries! The vast majority of the time, it never gets used but I ALWAYS have at least the one SB-5000 with me. Why? Light can be a bastard and there are just too many times an important opportunity instantly appears and flash is required to make the photo. In the old days when flash was a pain, I would do everything possible to avoid its use. That’s not the case anymore, I almost go out looking for the opportunity because of the drama it can create. Here are three instances when flash was a...

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on Nov 16, 2016 in Field Reports

Time To Think Digit Warmth!

This is simply a brilliant product I’m pulling out, it’s that time of year! I learned about the DSLR Parka Cold and Rain Protector last year and it is so simple but sooo effective! It’s real simple, you place your camera / lens inside and place your hands inside and you shoot. You can shoot easily down to zero with no gloves easily with this. You can put a flash through the top slot and see everything through the viewfinder and LCD with clear back panel. It’s real simple to attach or remove and get your hands inside to your gear. The inside lining is soo soft as well, it just screams “come in!” It fits any body, any lens as well as any size of hands. If you’re shooting with a Nikon AFS lens, be sure to have it set to M/A and not A/M. Otherwise, this is the perfect outdoor photographer accessory. I’ll have it the end of the month at Bosque for those cold mornings. Oh,...

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on Oct 28, 2016 in Field Reports

Hail Marry Panning

Panning is a basic technique that is very important to our photography. In a nutshell, it’s a technique that stops a moving subject visually in our photograph. The basic technique is based on proper handholding and twisting at the trunk. This assumes the subject is out in front of us moving is a predictable way permitting the basic technique to work. But what happens when the subject doesn’t move in a level way in front of us? What happens when it comes scream right at your head?! Last weekend I gained access to the pyro field at the Wings Over Houston Airshow. All the performers fly out in front of the audience which is a line about 500 yards out. The Pyro line is also 500 yards out in front of the audience. That means that where I was standing, the planes were right over my head and not in front of me. This meant that panning on a subject out in front of me wasn’t possible but rather,...

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on Oct 20, 2016 in Field Reports

Sensor Cleaning Pt2

Cleaning Supplies used in video: UltraMXD-Vswab 1.0x – Green Series (12-Pack) Ultra MXD-100 “Green” Corner Swabs (16-Pack) Quasar Plus 7x Sensor Loupe Eclipse Optic Cleaning Solution (2...

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on Oct 4, 2016 in Field Reports

D500 Video Machine!

I get LOT of emails asking if I have a D500 and use it. The answer is a resounding YES! As I’ve written before though, we use the D500 as a video machine to which it excels! Yes, it does a killer job shooting stills as Brent has shown many times. But for me personally, when it comes to stills I’m shooting FX, the D5, simply because that’s how my mind sees things and the lenses I have in my bag. But when it comes to video, I think the D500 is matched by none. I asked Brent who shoots the D500 A LOT as a video machine to put together a simple video to show you that quality it produces. Because of all the background noise of the airshow, I substituted jet sounds to make the video a little easier to listen to....

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