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on Jun 1, 2015 in Field Reports

IoSafe Update

Many have emailed asking about the progress of my IoSafe 1515+ migration. Well, it was a slow start but goin now and here’s the update. After asking many, moving files drag and drop is what I was advised. Working on a Win box, that didn’t make sense to me but with all advising it was that simple, I tried it. Wrong (it is on the Mac though)! The D&D ended up farting on me after three and a half days. I then tried D&D differently but got the same results. So now I’ve turned my favorite program, SyncBackPro which is doing it’s usual great job. Now with that said, I’m on my first of six NAS units migrating files. The first box has 438,228 files to move and has 13 DAYS of it’s 18 DAYS left to complete the task. Why so slow? The computer can only work as fast as the slowest link and that’s the old NAS units. That’s just one of the many reasons I’m going...

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on May 22, 2015 in Field Reports

IoSafe 1515+ – Connecting

Before I left for Minot for filming my latest KelbyTraining class, in just minutes I was able to connect my Win 7 box to the IoSafe 1515+ and start the file migration process. Apologize for video quality, Brent cleaned it up some but with my Digital Library computer striped down, it has no screen capture software. I will list here later the process I used for connecting which was so fast, the video takes longer than the process. That’s sweet! Some asked how noisy are the fans on the unit. You can’t hear them in the video, they are that quiet once the system in...

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on May 11, 2015 in Field Reports

IoSafe 1515+ – Journey Begins

The IoSafe 1515+ has arrived and now the work begins. Many have already asked questions like, “Why this system?” and “How do you set it up?” and the biggie, “How do you make it all work?” I’ll be posting this and more info as I go through the process so you not only learn why I think this is the best, but why it probably would be the best to protect your...

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on Apr 29, 2015 in Field Reports

Jack the Ripper

It started off as just a qwirk, going to London just for a Jack the Ripper tour. On our photowalk we had the owner of London Walks tours, Dave. He was a marvelous addition to our photowalk and just happened to ask off the cuff, “Do you do Jack the Ripper Tours?” At 19:30 we meet at the Tram Coffee Cart and off we went. To say it was marvelous is an understatement! This gas lamp, this exact one, was on the path Jack walked in 1888 after one of his grizzly murders! We visited a number of the sites of the murders, some like Mitre Sq are still present, others were blown away during the Blitz while others like his last murder site have been built on. It was a two hour walking tour walking the streets and paths Jack walked, at night. We can’t recommend the tour nor London Walks enough to you! Oh, The Bell you see below, one of a couple of the 1888 pubs...

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