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on Oct 28, 2016 in Field Reports

Hail Marry Panning

Panning is a basic technique that is very important to our photography. In a nutshell, it’s a technique that stops a moving subject visually in our photograph. The basic technique is based on proper handholding and twisting at the trunk. This assumes the subject is out in front of us moving is a predictable way permitting the basic technique to work. But what happens when the subject doesn’t move in a level way in front of us? What happens when it comes scream right at your head?! Last weekend I gained access to the pyro field at the Wings Over Houston Airshow. All the performers fly out in front of the audience which is a line about 500 yards out. The Pyro line is also 500 yards out in front of the audience. That means that where I was standing, the planes were right over my head and not in front of me. This meant that panning on a subject out in front of me wasn’t possible but rather,...

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on Oct 20, 2016 in Field Reports

Sensor Cleaning Pt2

Cleaning Supplies used in video: UltraMXD-Vswab 1.0x – Green Series (12-Pack) Ultra MXD-100 “Green” Corner Swabs (16-Pack) Quasar Plus 7x Sensor Loupe Eclipse Optic Cleaning Solution (2...

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on Oct 4, 2016 in Field Reports

D500 Video Machine!

I get LOT of emails asking if I have a D500 and use it. The answer is a resounding YES! As I’ve written before though, we use the D500 as a video machine to which it excels! Yes, it does a killer job shooting stills as Brent has shown many times. But for me personally, when it comes to stills I’m shooting FX, the D5, simply because that’s how my mind sees things and the lenses I have in my bag. But when it comes to video, I think the D500 is matched by none. I asked Brent who shoots the D500 A LOT as a video machine to put together a simple video to show you that quality it produces. Because of all the background noise of the airshow, I substituted jet sounds to make the video a little easier to listen to....

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on Sep 26, 2016 in Just Out!

MC24-EL … Great Sound is Everything!

The video really says it all, well sounds it all but here’s some additional trivia. First and foremost, I love the Senal MC24-EL Shotgun mic! This heavy duty, beautifully sensitive, full sound mic is serious sound. What I have is the MX24-EL Long Condenser Shotgun Microphone Kit which I highly recommend. Second, it runs on just a AA, no phantom power needed. Nuff said, stop reading and start listening to the results!...

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on Sep 19, 2016 in Just Out!

KeyMission Family Announced!

Nikon announced at PhotoKina today the new KeyMission Family, the KeyMission 360 Action Camera, KeyMission 170 4K Action Camera and KeyMission 80 Action Camera and a boat load of accessories. You can order them...

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on Sep 12, 2016 in Field Reports

Nikons 105f1.4 AFS – Amazing!

I’ve had the most amazing weekend of shooting and in large part, shooting with the new Nikon 105f1.4 AFS lens. First and foremost, it’s one sexy lens. It has a 82mm front element and the rest of its stubby barrel is just as wide. It has a really large manual focusing ring with remarkable quick and smooth response which is really important when shooting with such narrow DoF. It does not have VR which might bug some, doesn’t bother me. I’ve only shot it at one f/stop since I got it, f/1.4 (Thanks B&H!). My “real” shoot that I really wanted this lens for is later today so I spent the weekend like always, married to a new piece of gear shooting it at lots of subjects. Here is my dear Sharon posing on her birthday while up in Minot celebrating. The band of focus is on her eyes and the C-53 just 10″ behind her is out of focus. Gorgeous! This is a pricey lens, a very specific...

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