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on Dec 24, 2015 in Field Reports

Osmo – Helluva Tool

I just love the Osmo! This very simplistic but amazingly functional 4K stabilized gimbal handheld video camera is simply ingenious. I’m nowhere near a master of it but I keep working with it. I created a simple video to give you an idea of just a tad of its abilities. You will see in the video the Osmo along with the RodeMic Me (which does a great job!). But it’s real simple, the iPhone is your monitor and control, the video camera spins and stabilizes, you point and have fun....

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on Dec 15, 2015 in Field Reports

The Amazing Epson 1980WU

Been hanging out in hangars a lot and often, making presentations on the walls. They are nice and big … and very bright. Both of which got me looking at replacing my digital projector (I do presentations in more traditional locales as well). I got the PowerLite 1980WU WUXGA 3LCD Projector and man do I love it! Oh brother have projectors come a long ways in a decade! My first projector was a Kodak V600 I got back in the summer, 2000 (gone through a few since). It had a native resolution of 800×600 (SVGA) with 1000 Lumens (it’s still in the cupboard). It was portable and did a great job for its day. But man, the new Epson 1980WU is simply spectacular! The Epson 1980WU has a native resolution of 1920×1800 (WUXGA) with 4400 Lumens and it’s portable. What you can’t tell no matter what I write is how bright and beautiful the images are that come out of this gorgeous box of light! Even during daylight hours...

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on Dec 11, 2015 in Field Reports

Rode VideoMic X

I get asked a lot about mics for DSLR video. I have a number of mics for DSLR video, they are just as specialized as the lenses we use. When it comes to recording what I call “ambient” sounds, there is none better than the Rode VideoMic X! What I did was simply set up the D4s / 24-70VR next to the feeder with the Rode VideoMic X in the hot shoe. I had the WR-T10 (taking advantage of the new firmware) attached and just sat back and waited for the Evening Grosbeaks to come in to record. This video your watching is just for sound. I didn’t light it because it was snowing. The lights slow down the Grosbeaks coming back into the feeder and I didn’t want snow blowing in and making a bigger mess than I already created in a few minutes. I had neither the wind muff or dead cat on the VideoMic X, none was needed. But if you listen carefully with your computer...

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on Nov 17, 2015 in Digital Darkroom, Field Reports

ImageWizards Spectacular 65!

They are nothing short of spectacular, ImageWizards 65″ metal prints. Our office is ALL ImageWizards metal prints with our latest additions the most spectacular I’ve even seen! And just so EVERYBODY can have the same experience, ImageWizards is offering Moose Fans this special Thanksgiving deal, prints 30×45 and larger, 15% off the printing and FREE wood crate (use Promo code: Moose thanksgiving 15%off)! Hell, I might have to get two more with that deal! We simply can’t get enough...

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on Nov 10, 2015 in Just Out!

Jake’s Book is Out!

We have our autographed copy, and it’s gorgeous! We are very PROUD of Jake’s efforts and the book demonstrates his passion for his craft and his subject. And Jake being Jake, 2/3 of the profits go back to the folks who engaged him for the project. Head to his website and thumb through the pages. You’ll get hooked! That’s if his video above didn’t do it for...

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