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on Apr 2, 2015 in Great Stuff

Photo Forte Month

I’m very fortunate to be the guest Mentor at Photo Forte for April. It was gratifying to be asked back again, guess that means I wasn’t too hard on folks images last time. The theme for the month are planes, trains and things that move. It’s going to be fun. If you want to join in, please do. The more the...

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on Mar 25, 2015 in Field Reports

The Ambassador Summitt

There have been many, many, many rewards, successes and amazing moments in my photographic journey, one of them just came to an end. Nikon brought in seventeen of the Nikon USA Ambassadors (two had dates conflict and were sorely missed) for a whirlwind 36hrs summit to talk about, YOU! Yep, not a camera or lens was shown or talked about (on full disclosure, we did get our sensors cleaned), barely heard a mention of a feature even. Instead, the Ambassadors, a powerfully creative and deeply touched group (take that as you will) sat in meetings for two days talking about how we can further our passion for photography through teaching and outreach even more. The creative juices and motivated conversations were some of the most stimulating photographic conversations I have been apart of for a long, long time! I am totally exhausted and completely energized from it all. None as much as meeting some of my idols who I have only known from afar but now can say, they...

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on Mar 5, 2015 in Just Out!

A Marvelous Talk

Dan and I go back a looooong ways and he is the only other photographers photographs that hangs on our home walls. Dan has always been WAY ahead of the curve, is very creative and funnier then hell! Listen closely to his craft, his knowledge is just staggering! His latest presentation just went live and it’s SOoooo worth your time to watch it! Truly,...

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on Mar 3, 2015 in Great Stuff

Watson Packing Power

I’ve been taking more gear as I try to take less luggage. This means means what I do take needs to take less space and do more duties. Batteries are the heart of so much of our gear, gotta have more and more. I just found the Watson Rapid Charger and fell in love cause it works great! Besides being a low price and coming with 4 AA Watson 2300mnh batteries, it does rapid charge the batteries. But it’s physically very small and has the wall plug built into the charger that folds away when not in use. It’s the smallest and lightest package I’ve found and love it! (You can save more money getting this version which has no LCD panel.) Part of this strategy is taking more charged batteries with me and with the Watson Rapid Charger, always having them ready to go. I picked up the Watson 8-Bay Charger kit, what a great deal and unit! The Charger itself can charge 12 AA batteries at one...

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on Mar 2, 2015 in Just Out!

LensCoat New Hood & Bag

Our good friends at LensCoat have been looking at the problems we face in the field and have come up with two very cool new products. The first is the TravelHood (seen here on my 800mm wearing its LensCoat). Now why would you want to replace that solid lens hood on your big glass with this? Gee … let me think about this for oh, a nano second. Weight … that’s one. But what about the extra padding it provides around that front element when you’re traveling? Twice I had a knock to my 600f4 when traveling making that hard shade get a little out of round. How about speed of attaching the shade? How about extra depth the TravelHood provides over the OEM shade? Ever noticed replacement cost for the OEM shade if lost or damaged? The shade for the 800f5.6 is $1k! That’s just a couple of reasons I can think of quickly, sure there is more. This is very cool, and so it this. LensCoat is...

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