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on Jun 13, 2017 in Field Reports

Nikon D7500 – 1st Impressions

Ever since my post yesterday I’ve had lots of questions about the D7500 which is great! It’s fun to see excitement about a camera body. There have been lots of good questions, many I don’t have an answer too since I’ve only been shooting with it for a few days. To answer some, ya it feels really good in the hand and is very light. Shooting with the 300PF worked really well as you can see above. Its firing rate is pretty impressive for such a small thing with a really nice buffer. The viewfinder is really bright but it does have the square exit pupil which personally drives me nuts. The big question, would I recommend it? From my first impression, ya, it’s a really fun, light responsive DX body producing sweet files! The Arctic Hare was real fun to work last night at midnight. At first, we seemed a little shy but within five minutes we were walking around working it in the last rays of the...

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on May 24, 2017 in Field Reports

The “Stick” Light

I recently received the Genaray SP-C Kit, something I’ve long wanted to experiment with. What I call personally a “stick” light, the SP-C kit contains the LED “stick” light and Ringlight. The HUGE benefit to these stick lights is their extreme lightweight, portability and ease of use. To be honest with you, I had NO CLUE if such a tool would be a viable tool for my shooting. The only way to find out is to take a stick light out into the field and shoot with it. As you can see, I shot with a stick light and here are my first thoughts. First and foremost, just like with any light, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. They do throw out the light, that is for sure but without any kind of light modifier like barndoors or silk, it’s just a bright light. That means you gotta use distance to mellow it and that means throwing light everywhere. There can lie a challenge. I shot with...

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on May 17, 2017 in Field Reports

Brave New World

Well, I started something a year ago that I’ve slowly embraced in some of my bird photos. It has to do with the “glow” that comes with a slight about of overexposure when you have a minimum of highlights to “blowout.” Last year it was strictly by accident but I loved the result so this year I’m trying to do it on purpose. It’s really pretty simple. I set the camera (D5 or D500 only) to overexposure to either +1/3, +2/3 or 1 stop. Now with +1/3, the camera does a great job with the highlights and shadows. You move up to +2/3 and it does a good job and at +1, you gotta be careful as it tends to protect shadpw detail letting more highlights blow out. I’m getting pretty good at reading the light and the camera’s responce when doing this. But it’s not perfect so for my and telling stories with exposure, it’s still a brave new...

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on Apr 28, 2017 in Field Reports

The Epson P7000 – Holly Cr*&!!!

If you’re a regular to the blog and website, you know I’m a print-aholic! I print for lots of reasons, self-learning, thank yous and profit are just a couple of them. So when the Epson P7000 came out, I was first in line to get one. It’s here and wow, what a printer! While it might look like the P7900, what’s inside is basically all new. The biggest thing are the new HDX UltraChrome Inks. The new automatic “Anti-clog” features don’t suck either. But you should just watch the video, it covers it all. On a side note, with the introduction of the P7000 / P9000 and Epson Print Layout and Legacy Papers, basically everything on my Moose Print Lab is now obsolete! I will be creating a complete online class (you will have to pay for it) on my printing process. After so many requests from folks from my Print Lab Weekend Workshop and with the latest innovations, it seems like the natural evolution so keep an eye...

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on Apr 26, 2017 in Field Reports

Secret of the Light

Ever since posting the photo of Mirasa as “Rosie the Riveter,” (middle photo) on Instagram, I’ve received one common question. What’s the light source? This was all part of our Photoshop World Precon and its exploration in the qualities of light to tell a story. It’s very indirect courtesy of an aircraft hangar which is a favorite light source of mine. You can actually see a example of how I make use of this gorgeous light in my Pilot Portrait class, Inside the Hangar. Now just being in a hangar is not the trick, there is more to it than that! The hangar at Stallion 51 is large and that’s part of the secret! It’s 85′ door opening and 85′ depth permits placing the subject at the right spot for the best light for them. In the top photo, Mirasa is very close to the hangar door opening. The light is very even this close to the door which doesn’t work for the structure of Mirasa’s face. Now shooting...

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