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on Apr 6, 2016 in Field Reports

D5 – Worth Dancing About!

It was cold, blustery and gusts of 35mph on the lek this morning, but the Sharp-tailed Grouse were out none the less. That meant we were out and had a great time! As you can see, it was dark, light on the flat side. My bud Kevin should me his results yesterday shooting the D5 in Auto-area AF and I really didn’t believe him so shot it myself today. Blown away! As you can see, there are TONS of targets for the AF system to lock onto. Time and time again though, it locked on the grouse producing wickedly sharp photos. D5, 800mm, ISO 800, 1/250 and there is grass between the subject and the sensor and the D5 locked right on! Bloody hell! The D5 even displays the AF sensors it is using, visually confirming where it is focusing. Never seen this performance before in a Nikon AF system. I’ve lovin it, worth dancing...

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on Apr 5, 2016 in Field Reports

D5 – Worth Crowing About!

It was a cold, dark, spectacular morning today on the grassland prairie of Nebraska where I got to give my D5 its first hard core shoot (3062 frames, 70GB in 85min). Our subjects where Greater Prairie Chickens, a killer bird with lots of hutspa! So, how did the D5 do IMHO? AF response in really low light attached to the 800mm w/TC shooting 1000mm, f/7.1 with Grp AF … spectacular! Locked right on and held. Didn’t see that coming. Blows away D4s AF performance, hands down. This particular shot was at ISO1600 so I could maintain 1/125 … gorgeous file! The Auto2 WB worked beautifully in the cold light. The best part though was the 12fps sound, feel and performance. I was shooting next to Kevin who has his D5, we compared notes the whole time. Both of us, more than satisfied with the D5 performance. The D5 was simply, big smile, killer fun! Will be updating my D5 settings shortly, made some tweaks....

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on Apr 1, 2016 in Field Reports

D5 Settings – Preliminary

I don’t remember a camera where more folks were clamoring for my settings then like the D5. Well, here are my preliminary (D5 settings). I will be updating my settings as times goes on, so you’ll need to check back on my Gear page to keep up to date with them. And once I have the SB-5000 in hand and it’s very cool settings on the D5 figured out for my photography, I’ll post them as well. There is lots more to come, this is the fun time with a new body when you just experiment. For example, head to CS d1 > Continuous shooting speed > 14fps (mirror up), set camera to M 1/8000 and just experience the hummmmmm, over and over again...

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on Mar 15, 2016 in Field Reports

Nikkor 200-500 – a Week Later

I’ve been squirreling around with the Nikkor 200-500 for the past week (sorry, couldn’t pass up the really bad pun) and have some more thoughts on it for you. Cutting to the chase, for the price, it’s a really great lens! Is it AS sharp as lenses like the 80-400VR3? No, not AS sharp but it’s just a tad less. My measure? A made some 24×30 prints and only then do you see the 200-500VR is just not as sharp. If you’re not making that large of print, then you have nothing to think about. But if you look at the eye of the squirrel that is sharp and the tail that is being blown in the wind, it does an amazing job. You might be wondering with optics truly as sweet as these for this price, just where is the trade off? IMHO it’s with the handling and AF performance. For example, the photos you see here of the Douglas Tree Squirrel, I was shooting during one of...

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on Mar 3, 2016 in Field Reports

Nikon 70-200f4VR – A Vid

The 70-200f4VR is a really great lens that I had given a test drive when it first came out. I didn’t acquire it then, had the 70-200f2.8 in my bag and its two unique features weren’t what I needed at the time. Current projects brought it back and this time, into the bag. What are the two special attributes why I wanted this version of 70-200? The real biggie is its closes down to f/32, the f/2.8 version only goes to f/22. Why is that important? In my air to air work and shooting in Shutter Priority, that f/32 really makes a difference. You might be wondering about the other end, wide open? If I need 70f/2.8, I’ll use the 24-70VR otherwise the f/4 is shallow enough DoF for me for this lens. The other biggie for me is it weighs just about nothing. It shares the same tripod collar as the 300PF which is nice but it’s filter size required the purchase of a new polarizer. Its optical...

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on Feb 25, 2016 in Field Reports

Lexar 128GB XQD – D5 Ready!

The D5 isn’t that far out so it’s time to get everything in the studio so when it arrives, I’m ready to shoot. That’s why I was excited the 128GB 2933x XQD 2.0 Memory Card arrived. The size and speed is just exciting, I can’t wait to make them smoke! It’s important with the new speed XQD you get the new XR2 Card Reader for 2nd Generation XQD Cards as well. I’m so looking forward to putting these bad boys in and start...

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