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on Mar 15, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

“Just What Goes into a Project?”

It’s apparent it’s spring with summer just around the corner with all the emails coming in. You’re getting ready to go out in the longer daylight hours and slay some pixels. Most outstanding! I know this because emails are asking about how I approach my various projects. I’m not sure how valid my methodology really is because I go about projects we think pretty uniquely, that’s saying nicely, my own way. I should probably start by defining what I mean by a project. A project to me is anytime I head out with a camera to tell a particular visual story. So going on a photowalk to me is not a project, it’s photographing whatever happens to show up. Heading out for a morning shoot with an aircraft, a date that’s on the calendar, that’s a project. So projects can last as short as 15min and as long as, well our longest is going into its 30th year. With that definition, we (Sharon & I) then think about two...

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on Mar 12, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Chicken or Pixel, Which Came First?

I often ask those on workshops with me, which came first, the chicken or the pixel? What do I mean by that question? We need to understand what the computer can do when we’re at the camera. We need to know what the camera did when we’re at the computer. They are both computers and the one thing all computers love is data. The more data a computer has, the more the information it can provide us when we ask the right questions. This is so true of digital photography. Since the camera is the computer with the greatest amount of input (the world we see in the viewfinder), the more data we gather of the real world and faithfully gather it, the more the digital darkroom computer has to work with. It’s really simple math, that we complicate with things like f/stop and shutter speed. But it all translates how successfully we see the world with our emotions when shooting to the emotions evoked in the final image....

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on Mar 1, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

The MB-D18 … Need?

The D850 is a marvelous camera, I simply love it! Nikon did it right is so many ways. The one way not so popular with some is the MB-D18, not the unit but its delivery. I’m hearing everyday questions about where to find one to buy. The other question that accompanies this is, “Why don’t you have one?” To the first question and the caveat, “what about the off-brand grips?”, I don’t know why the supply is so tight. Out of all the D850 shooters I’ve shot with, I can only remember two with the MB-D18. I wish I had an answer on supply, I don’t, sorry. And what about the off-brand ones, I’ve not seen them and a quick look, they appear to be scarce as well. Now, why don’t I have one, that’s a question I can answer. At first, I didn’t see a problem the MB-D18 solved for me. I love the small size of the D850. Then I started doing the 4k Time Lapse and...

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on Feb 19, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

What Happens With Big Winds?

We had a marvelous time at the Winter Wings Festival this past weekend! It included taking photographers out to Klamath NWR for some bird photography. Jordan got us on a couple of thousand Snow Geese which was simply fantastic! We spent a few hours set up on them as they did what Snow Geese do on migration. Between Bald Eagles and their own urges, they would take to the air over and over again. And as the wind kicked up, they were challenged to land in what they thought was their perfect spot. With the D5 / 800mm locked in place (and braced against the winds), I shot some video of the elegance these birds have in the air....

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on Feb 14, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

I Hate Being Stupid!

I pride myself on having all the tools I need to tell a story and nothing more. It’s the old, less is more and, spending capital wisely. More importantly, I really push myself to have the right tools with me at the time I need them. I have list after list to make sure of that. So missing a photograph because of being stupid really spools me up! I was out shooting in this new locale for us, The Celery Fields and had a great photo opportunity that I missed. I missed it because of a tool I own but rarely, rarely use and because of that, I left it at home. In my own head, why own a tool if you’re going to leave it at home? That’s just stupid as well as poor business sense. Yet that’s what I did and I regret it. The tool, a simple polarizer! Yep, the photo above of the Green Heron, the polarizer would have effectively removed the highlight reflection on...

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on Feb 1, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

MyPortfolio Updated – Yellowstone Winter

We had a marvelous week in Yellowstone last week! You can see how happy we were in my Live Broadcast from Yellowstone. You can see why I was so happy in my Yellowstone Portfolio, Bison Portfolio, and Gray Wolf Portfolio. I hope you...

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