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on Jun 21, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

2 Minute Finishing

I’m always talking about how if I can’t finish an image in 2 minutes, I will abandon it. Many ask how I’m finishing an image so quickly. Here’s how I do it. Keep in mind that this is just how I do it, doesn’t mean you have to do it this way nor take up this standard. But in order to keep my photography and business moving forward, this is just the practice I have set up for myself. In the video I mention these: My Workflow Nikon Recipes If you’re a Lightroom user, you will find most of the same sliders and can adopt the same basic finishing as I use in ACR. And you can find much more of my finishing techniques, tricks and tools on Kelby One Landscape Finishing and Aviation Finishing. Hope this gives you some food for...

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on Jun 20, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

Ultimate Aviation Photography Workshop!

11-13 August 2017 at the historic Duxford Aerodrome, UK is going to be the most amazing photographic workshop, ever! Hosted by Historic Aircraft Collection, we will explore, imagine and immerse ourselves in the photography of WWII history! It all starts Friday evening the 11th with a presentation on basics to advanced techniques in photography and photographing aircraft. We have a block of rooms right off the Duxford Aerodrome so it’s convenient and close. We then start bright and early Saturday morning the 12th (before sunrise) on the field photographing some amazing aircraft: Spitfire, Hawker & Hurricane! We’ll then move into the digital darkroom to explore ways we can finish our static images. After all that, you’ll be served a great traditional English lunch and eat where the pilots ate during WWII Battle of Britain. Then we’ll really get busy with more classroom instruction, reenactor portraits and then planes turning props with ground to air and backfire at dusk photography. Saturday night we will gather again to continue on with...

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on Jun 6, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

It’s For Removing Reflections

I’m often asked, “Should I use a Polarizer?” Like everything photographic, the answer lies in the light. Not the blue skies, but in the light. Now if you want to REMOVE the reflection of the skies from a subject like in this case, the side of this P-51B, then use, as you can see, the polarizer is the tool. Shot with the D5 / 105f1.4AFS at f/1.4, you can see the Kill Flags pop and not pop as the polarizer is...

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on Jun 1, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

Moving The Quality Slider Forward

One of the biggest challenges in photography is measuring the success of our photographs both technically and most importantly, aesthetically! What I mean by that is, the vast majority of what we do there is no scale, a accepted public measure that we can quickly, easily and accurately measure the quality of our success. It’s all rather subjective. Those who live in the industry have such a scale but in many ways, this is a secret measure that’s summed up very simply in a check paying one for their efforts. But even in the days of film with it ridgedality that was relatively cut and dry this measure of success, helping a new photographer understanding what was sharp while looking through a loop on a light table was a helluva challenge. I by no means have any intent to suggest or force my scale of quality on anyone but rather, simply pass along just two things that my forty years of working with photobuyers has instilled in me that...

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on Apr 27, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

And the Numbers Reveal?

In the current issue of PDN (you did get it, don’t you?), Publisher Lauren Wendle has a great piece. It starts off by mentioning the closing of the doors of industry institutions Popular Photography and American Photo. These giants of our industry going away was quite the emotional blow and to some, the harbinger of bad days to come. Then she goes on to site some darn important facts that all of us need to grasp. She starts by quoting Farhad Manjoo of The New York times who writes, “Snap (makers of the app Snapchat) is betting on a “long-term trend: the rise and eventual global dominance of the visual culture.” I quote her, “Images are now not only to document the world but to communicate. That communication has no language barriers: Photography is truly becoming the international language we use to “talk” to each other–Manjoo’s article asserts the now we “speak in pictures.” It’s estimated that 1.2 trillion pictures will be taken in 2017, a 9 percent increase...

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