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on Jan 14, 2015 in Featured Video, Moose Adventures

Moose is Comin to England!

We are so excited and thrilled to be making our first venture to England. We want to thank our dear friends Glyn Dewis and Michael Eleftheriades who have been instrumental in making our first visit to London huge! Here are the dates again. 25 April – Passion in a Click – Full day presentation (form to register is below, price is $79, held at Hilton London Metropole Hotel) 26 April – Warbird / reinactor all day shoot (Workshop attendees get the 25th Free. Registration & Info to come) 28 April – Take the Yank Photowalk (all day event, free, details to come) 29 April – Evening presentation in London (details to come) We so look forward to being with you all and our mutual sharing of our passion for photography! mtc Please enter the security code: Security Code (lowercase letters): Please enter the captcha verification code....

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on Oct 29, 2014 in Moose Adventures

Time with a Medalist

“Awesome, I may have to do a short portrait with my 3 medals somewhere with the mountain top/background.” The text read from our dear friend and former neighbor Meb when he confirmed we’d be home during his next visit to Mammoth. We’ve had lots of fun with Meb over the years, photographing him for his own personal project as well as commercial work for his sponsors. Well with the addition of the medal for winning the 2014 Boston Marathon, it would seem Meb wanted to do the medal portrait we’d always talked about. But he put a twist to it. He wanted his favorite high altitude training grounds in the background. We were more than happy to oblige! The shoot was actually pretty simple, once the right location was found. Wanting Mammoth Mtn in the background and with it having no snow, it needed to be an evening shoot. Meb not being “real” tall, needed to find a place that he would be higher than the camera. This is...

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on Oct 24, 2014 in Friday Thoughts, Moose Adventures

The Boys of the Bush!

The key to success for the majority of photography is knowing your subject. Something taught to us when we’re real young when it comes to writing, it totally applies to photography, especially wildlife photography. The open African woodland habitat that is Mala Mala is not your stereotypical African savannah you conjure up in your mind when picturing the bush. While I had been studying my mammal and bird ID books prior to going over, I was ill prepared for what we encountered. Besides the overwhelming sensory overload of critters ~everywhere~ you look, there is the challenge of making the photo that is more than a memory of that amazing moment. Step in the Rangers, the Boys of the Bush. Roan, 27 and Greg, 24, grew up in this African environment of the “bush” and it shows. On top of this, they have spent their time in school, Greg with his degree in Zoology and Masters in Wildlife Mngmt. But what really makes these two rangers unique, at least to...

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on Oct 23, 2014 in Moose Adventures

And Then There Was Adam

If you would have told me up to a week ago, that I would ever travel, anywhere, anytime, in my lifetime with my own videographer, I would have told you, you were nuts! I mean, that stuff just doesn’t happen in the real world. There isn’t just someone with immense talent, enormous passion and plane old fun who follows one around with a video camera aiding in recording and telling the story. Well this past week in Africa I had just that and I am forever grateful that my long time friend and producer, Adam was long to tell the story of our safari and the African wild heritage! A scheme hatched eight months ago, Adam was able to come because of the generosity of Images in Africa Safaris and the creative genius, Perry at KelbyOne (the producer of our Warbirds Film). Of course, the original concept for Adam going was to create a new class for KelbyOne. But Adam and & I knew before going it would be...

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on Mar 31, 2014 in Moose Adventures

Carrying on the Family Tradition

We first meet Susie Yazzie back in 2010. Our dear friend Albert is her nephew so we meet her being a friend of the family. Sussie is a legend and when we first meet her, she was nearing the century mark in age, so her daughter, Effie was there to help her. Either being with Albert, having the name Moose or both left an impression so we were always warmly greeted at their Hogan. Sadly, Sussie passed away in 2013. She was such a calm, peaceful and loving spirit who I loved to talk with. She will be missed. Effie though is carrying on her mom’s legacy in her mom’s Hogan, spinning and weaving at the loom. Effie retired as a nurse so the Navajo craft of weaving continues with both the next generation of Navajo and those who visit the Hogan. You can see a photo of Sussie in the lower right corner of the photo. This Hogan is located on the backcountry loop that you need a...

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on Feb 24, 2014 in Moose Adventures

Landscape Openings

Sharon & I are taking a small group of photographers to Monument Valley 10-14 March, 2014 to photographically explore a magical world. You will arrive in Flagstaff, AZ which is the airport we will be picking folks up from and taking them back to. Transportation to & from the airport as well as for the week is provided. We are staying at The View and have the best rooms reserved giving those who want to, the opportunity to do time lapse / stars trails (and we’re there to teach you how) as well as sunrises and sunsets. We have no set agenda, that’s one of the trademarks of our workshops, we chase the light but that will over the course of the workshop take us to Monument Valley at the very least. If you’ve seen any of my Kelby Training videos, Romancing the Landscape, then you know that I not only have an intimate knowledge of Monument Valley, but many who call it home are dear friends. That get’s...

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