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on Sep 12, 2012 in Moose Adventures

Come Float with me in NYC

Details Argh Matey!That’s right, with pirate hate, sword and eye patch and camera in hand, we’re doing a 3hr Cruise on Circle O with the B&H and Lexar crew on 18 Oct! They are not only crazy enough to let me on board, give me a pirate sword but I also get a mic so you can hear me all over the boat! How sick is that?! A whole lot of folks have been asking if we’re coming back to New York this fall. I am most happy to say we most certainly are. While everything is in place, plans made and logistics dealt with, details won’t be broadcasted until 8 Sept. I can tell you we’ll start the fun 17 Oct at Calumet, then B&H and finish up at Unique on the 20th with a WHOLE bunch in between. I’ll be doing formal presentations and shoots the like you’ve never seen done by me or in NY before and if all goes well, I’ll have an informal photo...

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on Aug 22, 2012 in Moose Adventures

Yosemite 2013 Workshop

Ya! Winter Yosemite Workshop in 2013…can’t wait! The dates are 14-17, March 2013. You would arrive on the 13th for our evening get together and plan on leaving after sunset (dark) on the 17th. The price is $1695 which includes the workshop packet, transportation once you’re at Yosemite Valley and instruction. Once signed up you would get more info in regards to lodging. We are talking about a lot of photography (not a bunch of hiking) and some of the best and least known locations. If we’re really lucky, we’ll have the snows and a winter storms that blow in great clouds and create gorgeous landscapes. We’ll photograph everything from critters, waterfalls, granite, trees and whatever stops in front of our lenses in color and black and white. We’ll spend time in the digital darkroom answering those kinds of questions and hopefully we’ll get an opportunity for a star trail or two. Hope you can join us, we look forward to sharing our decades of wanderings with you. To...

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on Aug 20, 2012 in Moose Adventures

Moose & Griz

Many ask if I will be taking photographers to photograph Grizzlies again. I’ve not take photographers to AK for Griz for many years for many reasons. An opportunity has come our way that might make it possible for us to do this again. Part of the equation is you and if you would want to join us. And the big issue there is price and I more than realize this is not inexpensive but it looks like a participants price would be around $6k for 5 nights (In Sept) and that does not include transportation to AK (but does include everything once you get to AK). If this is of interest to you, give us a call 760.924.8632. Not taking sign up yet, just seeing is there is enough interest to pull the...

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on Mar 8, 2012 in Moose Adventures

I Actually Do Shoot Wildflowers, Sometimes

I’ve made many a joke about not sticking my ass in the air to photograph wildflowers, what my botanist/biologist friends call “belly rubbers.” While I do shoot them when I have too, this isn’t the such an instance. Mules ears are a BIG wildflower, I don’t have to set down on my knees for them. With the right winter and spring, the entire hillsides in the Eastern Sierra can be covered in these which makes even a wildflower neophyte like myself make a click or two of them. That’s just one of the subjects you might have time with at our Mono Lake Weekend. Now why did I even stop to look let alone photograph these wildflowers? Those with me asked the same thing. The reason, the color of course! The top image, the Mules Ears were right next to the creek so the challenge of getting a sharp image (slow shutter speed for water, blossom moving in breeze) was a challenge. And then the yellow against the slate...

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on Nov 1, 2011 in Moose Adventures

K&M Adventures Score Card

Want to thank all of you for your interest in our new K&M Adventures (what replaces DLWS). Many have been this week asking if we have space so thought I would simply post the info. Monument Valley – Feb 2012 – FULL FL Birds – April 2012 – 1 Seat So Dakota – May 2012 – 1 Seat Fall Tour – Oct 2012 – 2 Seats I number of folks have asked for more details on our Fall Tour. The dates for our 2012 Fall Tour are 6-14 Oct, 2012. We’re going to be in ME (1 tour) & NH (2nd tour) spending half the time out of Freeport, ME and the other half out of Mt Washington, NH. We’ll be picking you up and dropping you off in Portland, ME (so far, all Adventurers have signed up for the both tours traveling with us the entire 9 days!). This will be a special adventure featuring fall color, sea ports, Americana, people, landscapes and some surprises thrown in. You...

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