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on Dec 21, 2011 in Field Reports, Moose's Print Lab

Moose Print Lab – 4900 icc

I’ve received a whole bunch of email in regards to the new Moose’s Print Lab. To be totally honest, the response has been quite overwhelming, the response. I really wasn’t prepared for it. It would seem I totally underestimated the desire of folks to print. The common thread in all the response is the desire to learn the “KISS” methodology to printing. I hear ya and I’m working on some material for you put. One thing I heard a lot about from folks is they don’t have and can’t find the profiles for the Epson 4900 for the Signature Worthy Papers, the Hot & Cold. I went looking for a download and like folks had reported, I didn’t readily find them either. So here are the profiles I have. I’m a PC guy and honestly don’t know if they work on Mac. But it’s all I got.I gotta get back to writing,...

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