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on Dec 14, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

White Pops Color

It’s real simple, white makes color pop! The way the mind’s eye works, it goes out to two colors, black and white and with those color sampled, it makes conclusions about other colors it sees at the same time. Ever noticed photos with deep shadows (blacks) make the color seem really vivid? You can have the same effect with colors in landscape photos using white. And this is the time of year when white is rather common in our landscape photos (snow). So if you’re thinking about visiting a locale with lots of reds, oranges, yellows and you want those colors to really pop (without using the digital darkroom) then visit them when there is snow on the ground. White pops...

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on Dec 12, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose Podcast #15

In this Episode:
Nikon D5, D750 & Keymission 360
B&W Post Processing
President Bush
Dec 7th Ceremonies
Texas Flying Legends Museum

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on Nov 17, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone, B&W Photography

Luminar … More Than Just Something New!

You’ve probably received the email and said something like, “Oh, something new for the digital darkroom” and then deleted the email. I’m here to tell you, that might was a BIG mistake because Luminar available today has at least ONE thing you need to own! My challenge is to explain all that Luminar from MacPhun is all about in a blog post, and I can’t. You’re going to want to head to here after reading this post to at the very least learn more but let me tell you why you’re going to do that. What is Luminar? You might rightfully so think Luminar is a stand alone Raw file processor because it is. What you won’t understand until you start to work with it is that it’s a Raw file processor with layers, effects and so much more. And it not only works its magic on Raw files but you can use it on layered PSD files, that’s right, PSDs. To understand how all of that works, you...

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on Nov 15, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Entertainment For Your Long Nights

I was looking up some trivia for a book I’m writing and the search engine took me to my own class on KelbyOne. Ya, it was a laugh out loud moment when I looked in my own class for my own answer! Now my first class on Landscape Photography was filmed way back in 2007, my section on a polarizer still holds true today. And while the lessons on the old Win box might use old software, the techniques and the reasons behind them are still valid. So during the long nights of winter fast approaching, here’s the offerings that might stir the imagination and get the juices flowing for the daylight hours. (from first to latest) Landscape Photography – Ground Work Landscape Photography – Part 2 Photographing Florida Birds Yellowstone Big Game Photography Nature Photography – Shorebirds Romancing the Landscape – Part 1 Romancing the Landscape – Part 2 Romancing the Landscape – Part 3 Aviation Photography – The Airshow Shooting Fall Landscapes A Beginners Guide to Wildlife...

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