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on Oct 19, 2016 in Friday Thoughts, Moose's Print Lab

Moose Print Lab Weekend

Dates: 25-26 March, 2017 Time: 9am – 4pm Location: Westin Resort, Mammoth Lakes, CA Price: $395* Limit to 20 participants What to bring: Camera gear, computer, images and passion Registration: Sharon Peterson 661.204.1506 *2 nights stay at Westin required for this...

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on Oct 17, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

When 1/8000th Isn’t Enough

I’ve been shooting with the new 105f1.4 AFS a lot in situations you’d normally not think meant for the 105f1.4 like above. Most pigeon hole this lens for portraits but if you expand your definition of “portrait” you might find what I’m finding. Shooting with the 105mm at f1.4 is darn cool producing very unique results! But here’s the hitch, go out shooting at highnoon like I did this weekend at the Nut Tree Air Fair at f1.4. You’ll see 1/8000 blinking at first, then have little red flames around it and finally it just yells … OUCH! At ISO 100, even at 1/8000, the shutter speed isn’t fast enough for the right exposure when shooting at f/1.4 in this scenario. And if you dial in any exposure comp, you’re in more of a world of hurt (and going to L1 doesn’t help). What to do? The solution is actually real simple, just attach a polarizer! That instantly cuts down two stops of light, permits you to still see...

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on Sep 30, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

The Business is Photography?

At our last K&M AirAdventure a few weeks back, I had arranged with one of my favorite editors, Chris, to have a “little contest” amongst two of our very talented students. It was kinda simple, they just needed to take a photograph and write a 500 word news brief about the Soldier Tree Memorial dedication and the best would get published. Both “contestants” had an hour flight with the Texas Flying Legends Museum’s Spitfire MkIX and Harvard. From that and doing some homework on their own, they had to come up with the ONE photo (all I would permit to be submitted, talk about pressure) and text to submit to Chris at Flypast magazine. What you see here is the “winning” photograph though both were winners because they accepted the challenge at the risk of rejection. And while this was a contest I had arranged, it was really a real world lesson about the business of photography. Because it’s about craftsmanship, storytelling and so much more wrapped up in...

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on Sep 29, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

So You Want to Be A Professional

It is the greatest profession there is IMHO! But surviving the long term is not what you might think, certainly not what I’ve seen written by most. You have NO idea how many emails, Facebook Messages and other means folks contact me and say “look at my images, my website and tell me how I can make money.” Or my favorite is the email that says, “I want to be a professional photographer, can you tell me how” after I look at their Flicker account. My first reaction is, “Do you really understand what you’re asking?” I’ve been doing this photography thing since 1981 and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING! At the same time, when our son Jake said he was going into the profession, mom & dad tried everything at the beginning to talk him out of it. If anyone knows the ups and down of this industry is Jake who, is doing great at the business of photography. But he had NINETEEN years of exposure to...

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on Sep 14, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

The Polarizer “Blob”

There are times when we need a polarizer to remove reflections that when applied, adversely effects the sky. Polarizers work using physics and when it comes to the sky, when those physics aren’t perfect, you see a dark blob in the sky where the polarizer is only effecting part of the sky (2nd image). Seeing this in the viewfinder can be at times, difficult and others, impossible. One real easy way to see the “Blob” is using the LiveView on your camera. You can see above the simple example. The LCD shows off the “blob” really dramatically making it really easy to see it. But we still need to remove the reflection so what do we do? Using the LiewView, we polarize fully and then slowly rotate the polarizer to “unpolarize” as much as needed to remove the “blob” while maintaining as much reflection removal on the subject. You might be wondering if there is a post processing fix. Sure, but it’s so painful it’s not worth your time...

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on Sep 6, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

It’s a Tool – Artistically & Professionally!

The magic that light brings to a scene, a photograph, is always fleeting! It would be nice if it hung around until everything was perfect and those times it does, well you know the rewards that brings. There are times though when you can see the photograph slip away as an obstruction blocks what your passion is screaming to capture. A good example is the gorgeous landscape you’re all set up to take and then just at the right moment, that person walks right into your scene. Know what I’m talking about? You have a couple of options. The one I recommend is just wait as people like that are normally gone within minutes. But if you can’t wait because the magic in the light, then go click and use a tool to deal with it in post. While this seems obvious to some, I’m still surprised how many folks either don’t own Photoshop or won’t use it for this purpose. Now of course, this is your choice because...

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