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on Feb 29, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

LA Cnty Airshow – Oh Ya!

It’s coming up in a few weeks, the incredible LA County Airshow! This year, headliners like the Blue Angels and my favorite, the Texas Flying Legends Museum will be there in the skies for two days. We’ll be there and hope to see you there! If you need some help planning or inspiration, you can check out this blog post or our Taking Flight...

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on Feb 16, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Wonderful Composition?

I see this all the time when folks post a comment to a photograph, “Wonderful composition”. And to be totally honest with you, I just shake my head and say to myself, “that’s how they relate to a photograph?” Is that how these folks relate to their own photographs? They sit there at their computer and say, “OH, that’s wonderful composition” or “OH, that’s horrible composition!” I surely hope that’s not the case. I have no doubt I’m stepping on some toes right now but I’m here to tell you that not once in my forty years has an editor said to me about my photographs, “Wonderful composition.” Now they have said simply, “That sucks” and from that many issues with the photograph are described in which the arrangement of elements is included. But commenting on just the composition, that just doesn’t happen. So I have to ask myself, why and where did photographers get so hung up on composition? Seriously, we could start a Composition rehab facility and...

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on Feb 11, 2016 in Moose Adventures

Mono Lake Workshop

The Eastern Sierra, in particular Mono Lake, are spectacular in the fall! We’ve been granted a permit to have a photographic workshop at South Tufa, Mono Lake this October and we’re very excited! The Forest Service is only permitting two groups at a time at South Tufa this year which means to us, we basically have the place to ourselves! Starting the evening of the Sept 30th, we’ll gather and talk about photography and get ready for the next day. Sunrise on 01 Oct, we’ll be on the shores of Mono Lake enjoying its beauty and celebrating it with our images. Then after breakfast, we’ll go through ALL the photos from the morning to learn from our efforts then head back out to explore the High Sierra. Then we’ll venture back to South Tufa for a gorgeous sunset shoot. And if that wasn’t enough, after dinner we’ll gather in the digital darkroom to learn how to finish and share our images. The morning of the 2nd, we’ll start shooting...

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on Jan 28, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone


Yep, a Moose podcast is in development! Plans are to have it up and running in February, a twice monthly podcast about photography. I’ll be covering everything photographic from behind the camera, behind the computer and behind the dollar and so much more. And it’s meant to be interactive, to help you with your questions. So you got one or more, send them to Moose Podcast (emails sent to this address will get no direct response) and I’ll do my best to get them answered. And then watch the site for when they begin. It should be...

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on Jan 7, 2016 in K&M Adventures

A2A Workshops 2016

Want to go flying? Better yet, want to photograph another aircraft while you’re flying? It would seem a whole bunch of you want to, so much so we added one more K&M AirAdventure to our 2016 schedule, 11-13 Nov., in Mesa, AZ. How about learning how to work with pilots, finding the aircraft, those dramatic static shots and so much more? We have the perfect adventure for you where this is just the start of your learning process. The K&M AirAdventure (air to air is separate) is like no other with its ground and air instruction providing you the knowledge you need to be out and shoot your own successful photo mission. In 2016, we’ll be based out of Minot, ND (where video above was filmed) and now again in Mesa, AZ. We’re offering just four AirAdventures in 2016 and ONLY FOUR shooters per Adventure. We can’t add any more so once full, that’s it for this year. The dates are: 27-29 May – 1 spot 01-03 July –...

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