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on Nov 23, 2015 in Digital Darkroom, WRP Ed Zone

Calibration = Consistency

Monitor Calibration, ever noticed there’s a little bit of confusion out there about this very necessary part of digital photography? I was talking about it this weekend and it occurred to me, I’ve not posted about it for quite some time so wanted to get on my soap box for a moment and talk about it. As you can see, I’m a i1 fan, using the i1Display for my Cintiq, iMac, Retina and iPad and I do this NOT so my monitor matches the print! The word “match” means two items are equal and there is NO way you can match a transmitted light source (the monitor) with a reflected (the print) light source. Physics tells us that. Ya, they can get close but they can never match. So why then calibrate our monitors? That’s real simple and to me, obvious, consistency. How do we know our photographs are getting better, how do we establish our own quality standard for exposure and color, how do we send out the...

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on Nov 11, 2015 in K&M Adventures

K&M AirAdventure 2016!

Want to go flying? Better yet, want to photograph another aircraft while you’re flying? How about learning how to work with pilots, finding the aircraft, those dramatic static shots and so much more? We have the perfect adventure for you where this is just the start of your learning process. The K&M AirAdventure (air to air is separate) is like no other with its ground and air instruction providing you the knowledge you need to be out and shoot your own successful photo mission. Join us in 2016 and see what we mean! In 2016, we’ll be based out of just Minot, ND (where video above was filmed) and offering just three AirAdventures. The dates are: 27-29 May 01-03 July 09-11 Sept And because of our commitment to you the student, there will be only FOUR students per class! This means one on one instruction the entire time and when we say time, in the three days, only when you go to bed (if you do) will we not...

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on Nov 9, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone

P800 – Love ’em Reds!

“Why the P800, why add it to the office?” Printing is a major part of our business, the learning and refining of my craft and the simple making of money. Both of these require the best in paper and printers (and the skill to drive them). So, why did we add the P800 to the Epson 7900 and Epson 4900, here’s...

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on Oct 29, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone

Epson P800 is Here!

The hottest thing in printers hit the office yesterday and I’m so excited! The Epson P800 (repl for 3880) printer is at this very moment madly printing as I put it though its paces. There are lots of advantages to the P800 when it comes to printing and I want to test them all. And it would seem I’m not the only one with the P800 as getting them is a challenge, supply is limited. Speed, Reds, and a number of other assets could possibly make it the best printer you can buy. Stay tunes, more to...

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on Oct 15, 2015 in Digital Darkroom, WRP Ed Zone

“The Game!”

I have a really good friend, a really good photographer, who I spend a lot of time shooting with, Harry. We spend a lot of time together in large part because of the fun and passion we share in photography. Harry thinks of himself as still learning cause he’s only been shooting seriously he says for four years. In this we play “The Game!” After we’ve done a shoot, we’re back in the vehicle and merrily going down the road, I ask him, “Now Harry, how are you going to finish that image?” Harry wins 95% of the time, verbally going through the steps he is going to use to finish his photos. This is probably why his photography has gone so far, so fast! What’s the point of “The Game?” It started in my frustration of photographers going into the Digital Darkroom and just throwing this or that slider around praying they have a photograph. I hate, hate the saying, “I’ll know if I got the photograph after...

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on Oct 14, 2015 in K&M Adventures

Join Me in the Skies!

We have an K&M AirAdventure coming up 13-15 Nov, in Phoenix, AZ and I want you there! The weekend is literally packed with photography, from statics, ground to air and then your air to air photo mission to gear, tactics and the most important ingredient, light! We have a new aircraft for folks to photograph, so new I’ve not even photographed it yet and we can’t wait to share it with you! We have an opening with your name on it! The video pretty much tells the story but if you’d like more info or want to register, give Sharon a call at 661.204.1506. And our dates for 2016 K&M AirAdventures will be announced the end of this month. Cya in the...

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