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We are extremely excited to announce K&M Air Adventure for 2015. We are incredibly excited to have access to the amazing aircraft and facilities at Minot, ND. We have a minimum of six warbirds, B-25, Zero, Corsair, Warhawk just to mention a few and some gorgeous antiques like a Waco. And we’re going to be there twice in 2015! It’s limited to 6 shooters, price is $1695 with air to air being extra and the price based on the package you select (starting at $800). The weekend includes ground school, static shooting, night shooting with prop turning, bombers, fighters, biplanes and more. Air to air is a minimum of 30min air time with one aircraft.


We’ll be in Minot, ND 19-21 June and 11-13 Sept, 2015. And we’re heading back to Mesa, AZ in 2015 in 17-19 April and in the fall (Dates TBA). We were there this past weekend and had a great time with lots of flights, lots of aircraft and lots of laughs. We are very excited to be able to offer these again and can’t wait for you to join us. If you’re ready to take your photography to new heights, give Sharon a call 760-924.8632 (9-5 PST) MTF

(all scheduled aircraft are not guaranteed as aircraft to break down)


Moose <![CDATA[Back with the Eagles]]> 2014-11-21T04:14:52Z 2014-11-21T14:30:07Z DBEBE5274

The Eagles of Haines or Chilkoot River are legendary! I’ve known about them long before I was even a photographer. It was once the place only the brave traveled, it remoteness and severity in weather made it a locale few ventured to. That change and now it is a destination for many wildlife photographers. A loyal group of K&M folk asked Kevin & I 18 months ago to bring them up here. We’d never been here but were more than up for the adventure, so here we are! But the eagles, well …


You need two important elements to get the legendary show the area is known for, ice and salmon. We have neither right now and that makes the photography a challenge. Furthering the challenge for me personally is, I have photographed Bald Eagles, a lot, and have my own favorites that will be hard to improve on. With the challenges of getting here, we got a late start today, what good light had slipped by before we were in the field. None the less we found eagles. Now, these photos to me are really, well, barely keepers. One thing I mentioned to the group is the Bald Eagle is a commonly photographed bird. Hard to understand when they are a challenge for most but so many venture to locations like Chilkoot that there are lots of great images out there. So getting the uncommon shots of the common will be the goal. These photos though shot with the D4s / 800mm are common shots at the very best. We will do better but I won’t be satisfied with these kinds of images. Only time will tell how well we’ll do as I’m back with the eagles.

Moose <![CDATA[The Road to Haines]]> 2014-11-21T04:00:49Z 2014-11-21T12:30:33Z DLCAKHS0005

Well, three days later as we made it to Haines, AK. Started off at 01:00 leaving our home and flying without any real effort made it up to Seattle to meet up with my bud Kevin. After spending the night there, up at 04:30 and got on our plane to Juneau and again, ezzy peezy. By 08:30 we were in Juneau and in place for our 13:30 flight to Haines. It wasn’t to be!


Weather set in and one by one, all the flights to Haines were canceled. Well, got on the phone and secured passage on the Ferry to Haines which left the dock at 01:45 the next day. Now, to kill 15hrs at the airport. Well, after getting images finished from two weeks ago, rented a van, went down town for dinner (the sun sets at 15:30) and then back to the terminal (electricity and comfy seats) to wait for the ferry. Got on the ferry by 01:30 and by 06:30 we were in Haines. The sun doesn’t come up until 08:00. We were greeted by the view you see above. Gorgeous start!


I grabbed the D750 / 18-35 and made these quick clicks and then got settled in, got breakfast and headed out by 11:00 to the Bald Eagles. It’s just gorgeous up here! The temps and dew point are creating amazing fog whisking around the hills and pines. It’s really hard not to just watch as the fog changed every five seconds into another gorgeous view. Since the big guns was out for the eagles (D4s / 800mm) I did some optical extraction and made a couple of clicks I really like. It was a great start to what promises to be a great week!

Moose <![CDATA[White-fronted Bee-eater]]> 2014-11-20T05:02:25Z 2014-11-20T14:30:35Z DABBEWE0276

The effects of going to Africa are still very much resonating in my heart even a month later. All the images are filed, backed up and finished and I find myself constantly going back and looking at them to see if, the trip really did happen and if I really did take the photos. This is a pair of White-fronted Bee-eaters. Greg did a marvelous driving the landie right up to them and with a couple of tweaks, I had the perfect background. Not only were the birds really cool, but the light and more importantly, its direction perfect to light up them colors. Just look at them backs light up! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! And the fact they were in love didn’t hurt a thing, they were quite animated.


Shooting with the D4s / 800mm (with the converter) I still used HSC to make the shot. The HSC helped also with the FPS, increasing it so I could capture the small, quick gestures of love the two displayed. If they were on any other perch, bigger in diameter or deeper in the tree, the photo wouldn’t have worked and there were times, they used other perches while foraging. It was this moment that lasted perhaps, 2-3 minutes though which stand out in my memory. I’m just so thankful that the moments aren’t committed to just memory. So glad the camera captured the moment to.

Moose <![CDATA[Caught In The Act]]> 2014-11-20T05:07:57Z 2014-11-20T12:30:19Z DPPAM0018

While at the Wings Over Houston, I managed to get in a portrait continuing my pilot portrait series. This time the target is our dear friend Alan, a pilot with the Texas Flying Legends. While it sounds rather straight forward, working the light AND arranging aircraft to make the portrait is simply, challenging! Now one aircraft, you could in theory move it quickly with the changing light but two planes, you’re locked in, nothing is moving quickly. This is especially true since they are special, unique and expensive. So long before the sun is right (my “fill” light), I figure out where its going to be when I want to go click and position the aircraft. In this case, I used a hangar to create a shadow in the foreground which couldn’t be seen until it was time to go click (the final photo not shown here).

So with the planes in place, getting the camera and me up high was the next step. There was a big wind blowing and having done these before in a big wind, working from a ladder wasn’t something I wanted to do. As you can see, I used a tug as a platform which worked perfectly for me. I shot with the (D750 / 24-70f2.8 on a Gitzo 5562GLS) to get it high. Then it was time to get the pilot, our good friend Alan up on the plane. Now until you read the book, you won’t know the whole story but it’s hinted to really strongly here in the photo. Then I used the Profoto B1 / Magnum / 10 degree grid (with a human sandbag attached) to light Alan. After all that, it was really easy. Waited for the sun to go down, shooting TTL (with the Profoto TTL) and just go click! It was a ton of fun which I think I’m doing this project more than anything else. And after the fact, I heard some “fans” like Ian were behind the fence recording it all. We were, caught in the act!

photo by Ian Wright ... thx!

photo by Ian Wright … thx!

Moose <![CDATA[Magical Weekend in the Air]]> 2014-11-18T13:05:11Z 2014-11-18T13:05:11Z DPAZCAF11728 as Smart Object-1

This past weekend was our first K&M Air Adventure and wow … it was great! We had a great group that looks like, the aviation bug bit really hard (3 already signing up for 2015 Air Adventures). Based out of our dear friends WWII hangar at Falcon Field, they had access to B-17G and DC-3 as well as other aircraft for static work. We had them out at 05:30 and we didn’t finish the day until 19:30 with barely breaks for food. All were new to aviation photography but not photography so it was great fun to watch their eyes get bigger and bigger and more and more great stuff was piled onto our adventure. That in large part is what makes aviation photography so exhilarating!

DPAZCAF11767 as Smart Object-1

Of course, it’s the flying that really gets the heart pumping and the cards full. Our last flight of the night is seen here as our hosts, the Churchills take off in the gorgeous AT-6 with student Chris in front and Kevin following behind. Then the subject aircraft, a F8F-1 (oldest flying Bearcat in the world) takes off behind them. We were on the ground shooting from the ramp, practicing our ground to air, panning techniques. I shot with the D4s / 80-400 in Auto Area AF and let the camera do all the work while I just kept pace with the planes. The best part of the weekend is when each student climbs out of the aircraft after their flight. Rather, they kinda float out as they are still on cloud 9 with the thrill and excitement of air to air photography. It might have been long days, but it was a magical weekend in the air!

Moose <![CDATA[Is Aviation Photography … Fun?]]> 2014-11-17T19:22:23Z 2014-11-17T19:22:23Z _BMP0220

We just held our first K&M Air Adventure and some have checked in today knowing this asking, “Is aviation photography, fun?” Oh hell ya, more than can ever be expressed verbally so I thought I’d use this photo taken two weeks ago of the Texas Flying Legends pilots up on the wing of their “Betty’s Dream.” This past weekend our folks spent 14hrs in one day with a dozen different aircraft, flying air to air with AT-6 and F8F-1 Bearcat, photographing B-17G and DC-3 and so much more. In fact, they had so much fun that after the Adventure finished Sunday morning, some went back to fly even more! So ya, aviation photography is fun, exciting, tiring and thrilling! The dates for our 2015 K&M Air Adventures (6 warbirds at one event!) will be going out to Moose News folks in the next 24hrs. We have BIG events for 2015!

Moose <![CDATA[Next Print Run – GONE!]]> 2014-11-17T16:48:23Z 2014-11-17T16:48:23Z

“70 years ago they were fighting for our freedom and today their roll is to cause people to remember that.”

I’ll be honest with you, being our first calendar, very target specific and only selling through the web, I figured I’d have them in the storage locker for years! I am so BLOWN way and grateful for all the orders. We were able to already send four figures to Texas Flying Legends because of YOU! We really want to thank you all who have made multiple orders! So manny of you have purchased more after seeing it, it means a lot to us. So, we’re putting in another order of calendars today … now I can say, remember, Christmas is just around the corner! :-)

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WOW … pick a body and receive HUGE instant Nikon Rebates. Merry Christmas early!

Moose <![CDATA[Cabel’s Great Giveway!]]> 2014-11-14T06:21:47Z 2014-11-14T12:30:16Z Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.18.06 PM

Here’s the list!

* DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone
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* Gitzo GM5561T 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod
* Photo Mechanic software (2 prizes)
* One year subscriptions to Zenfolio (2 prizes)
* Scott Kelby Autographed Books – “The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes” (5 prizes) and “Lightroom 5″ (2 prizes)
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* Acratech GP Ball Head with lever clamp and a Swift Clamp
* M&M Photo Tours – $750 credit on one of their International photo trips (come with me!)
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