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on Jan 15, 2016 in

Moose’s Podcasts

Podcast #01 & Blog Post 04.23.16 In this episode: B&H Photo, D5, Image Wizards, Gear to create Podcast, Lynn Area Presentation Podcast #02 & Blog Post 05.02.16 In this episode: B&H Photo, Lynn Area Presentation, Nikon D5, Nikon D500, DK-19 Rubber Eyecup, DK-27 Eyepiece Adapter for D5, Tempest Tours Podcast #03 & Blog Post 05.13.16 In this episode: B&H Photo, KelbyOne Landscape Finishing Class, Nikon D5, Nikon D500, SB-5000 AF Speedlight, WR-R10/WR-T10/WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter Set, Zenelli Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head (name I couldn’t remember) Podcast #04 & Blog Post 06.03.16 In this episode: Birds, Mammals, Planes, D5, SB-5000, wireless flash, Profoto B1 Podcast #05 & Blog Post 06.16.16 In this episode: Sensor Cleaning, Sensor Dust, Digital Loop, D500 Podcast #06 & Blog Post 07.01.16 In this episode: B&H, D5, D500, Workflow, Photo Mechanic, Buffalo Thunderbolt Podcast #07 & Blog Post 07.15.16 In this episode: B&H, Moose PhotoPacks, Photoshop World, EAA AirVenture, Workshops Podcast #08 & Blog Post 08.10.16 In this...

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on Jun 21, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Takeaway

Learning that improves our mind and hearts moves our photography forward! 1. Get it right in the camera! So much easier (and quicker!) to get a final image that is representative of what you see. 2. Go as long as you can or you will come up short. There was more that one occasion where I wished I had more reach. 3. Keep learning how to use my equipment better. I have downloaded Snap Bridge and am learning how to use it as an example. There are many more. 4. Exposure, exposure, exposure! Be aware of how light is changing and adjust accordingly. 5. Be nimble and use your knowledge of behavior and biology to get the best shot. Don’t follow the “herd,” especially in places like Yellowstone and the Tetons. The best bear shots I have are a result of your anticipation of where the bears were headed and not where everyone else was standing. 6. Be cognizant of heat shimmer and adjust as best you can. My...

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on Jun 24, 2009 in


08-13 July ’18 Madera Cyn, AZ 08-13 Oct ’18, Grand Tetons 22-27 Oct, ’18 Alaska Moose 26 Nov – 01 Dec ’18 Yosemite Fall, CA 20-25 Feb’19 FL Birds 04-09 Feb’19 WY Big Game 07-12 July’19 MT Critters, Landscapes & Ghost Towns Moose offers a lot of different workshops from big, grand adventures to personalized one on one tutoring, from big game to the smallest rock. Our goal is pretty simple, help you make the most of YOUR photography. To learn about all the workshops we offer, here’s a quick description, click on link for the whole enchilada! Look forward to shooting with you! The openings we have are listed after each workshop. We are very excited to announce a Madera Cyn, AZ bird trip 08-13 July, 2018 based out of the famous Santa Rita Lodge. This is south of Tucson, AZ and has been a hotbed for birders for decades. This is the Costa Rica of the US with over 20 Hummingbird species alone to see and photograph!...

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on Jun 13, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Is It a Photograph?

The Spouting Horn on Kauai is just one of those locations that in the late afternoon, you can’t but take a deep breath and relax! The view is spectacular so much so that even the evening rain shower makes you smile just that much more. Then there is the natural beauty of the coastline enhanced by the “breathing rock” that is the Spouting Horn. Even at low tides, you can hear it take a breath and let it out even if there is no spray. The warm, ocean air, the floating clouds, the gorgeous light, it’s just about as romantic a spot as you’re going to find. Then we interrupt this all by putting a camera to our eye. I say this because there is no emotion setting in the camera, romance slider in post. Argh! What do I mean by that? When we put the cold-hearted bastard to our eye, we take all those emotional responses to Spouting Horn and make them mechanical. We have all the best...

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on Jun 5, 2018 in Aviation

“Hit & Miss”

Our Normandy Bound project just keeps on going, even in the rain! Sharon & I flew in early for Photoshop World so I could spend time with my favorite C-47 and see the progress made in the prior few weeks. While my planning was spot on for flights and schedule, it didn’t take in the crazy weather Florida has been experiencing. But like I always say, the worst weather can make the best photography! The rain, well it was a downpour so I was soaked before I even got the gear out of the truck. Because of that, I went with one lens at a time going for that one shot before heading back to the truck and in its shelter, change lenses. The first shot I wanted was an eyelevel shot with the cockpit. With the D5 / 14-24AFS I very carefully went up the slick as snot gangway to shoot eyelevel. I would take a shot, dry off the front element. Take a shot, dry off the...

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