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on Sep 12, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

Nikon D7500 Promo Shoot BTS

A month ago I was very fortunate to be commissioned by Nikon USA to do an aviation themed shoot to promote the D7500 and Nikon’s wireless flash system. I instantly knew what I wanted to do, a 40’s aviation themed shoot of an executive and his wife heading off on a trip in their executive aircraft. That was the easy part cause after that came all the planning and execution. Well, here, you’ll get a taste of our afternoon from this behind the scenes video Brent created (and did a brilliant job!). Make it full screen, it’s 4k! Wanting to work with the best, I had to look no further than in-house. Sharon, Brent & Jake were my crew with everyone including myself doing many jobs to make the budget work. We flew into Minneapolis, home of the Howard 500 a day early to not only check out everything but do a dry run of all the sets and gear. We had over 20 sets to work in a...

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on Jan 4, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

MagBeam Kiss of Light is Sweet

We’ve been very fortunate to receive a couple of feet of snow over the last 24hrs, perfect timing to try out MagMod’s MagBeam Wildlife Kit. After I reposted an old video on the BetterBeamer, a fan emailed telling me that it was so “yesterday” and I need to try out the MagBeam so I called up B&H and had one shipped to me. Being pinned to my desk, it was the perfect time to give it a whirl cause when shooting birds in falling snow, you need that kiss of flash light to bring out their colors. So with Sharon keeping warm dressed in her ski clothes while she works at her desk as the office doors are wide open, I shot from desk testing. The basics are pretty simple here, the Wildlife Kit is a new twist to the Projecta / Tele flash extender. There are many applications for this attachment, mine is simple, to increase the effective DoF I can shoot with when using flash fill. I’m...

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on Dec 15, 2016 in Field Reports

Keep Light in Your Back Pocket!

There’s a running joke amongst my circle of friends that starts with, “Do we need a flash” when originally they really meant to ask, “Should we bring a flash?” It became a running joke because I answered the original question with “I doubt it” not knowing what they were really meant to ask, to which the answer is “ALWAYS!” I always have at least one SB-5000 with me with freshly, fully charged Eneloop Pro AA batteries! The vast majority of the time, it never gets used but I ALWAYS have at least the one SB-5000 with me. Why? Light can be a bastard and there are just too many times an important opportunity instantly appears and flash is required to make the photo. In the old days when flash was a pain, I would do everything possible to avoid its use. That’s not the case anymore, I almost go out looking for the opportunity because of the drama it can create. Here are three instances when flash was a...

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on Nov 22, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

The 1 Piece of Gear I Never Leave Home Without!

You guessed it, FLASH!!! Seriously, at the very minimum I have one SB-5000 (with WR-R10) always, everywhere, with me all the time (powered by SD-9 loaded with eneloop batteries) . Does it get used every time I go out? Heck no but that’s not the point. It is such an essential tool that can’t be replaced with anything else when flash is needed. The vast majority of the time, I need flash to simply kiss a subject like the Australian King Parrot where the color quality of the Flash was required. My application of the SB-5000 or flash doesn’t stop there. Everything from portraits to macro often require the kiss of flash to bring the story to life in a photograph. So one SB-5000 goes with me everywhere all the time. When does that change? When I’m going to a project where I know flash is a must have tool, I’ll grab my other two SB-5000s or up my flash game with bigger light. Like this pilot portrait I...

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on May 15, 2014 in Camera Tech

Watson Battery Update

I’ve been pounding the Enelope side by side with my newly discovered Watson AA rechargeables and I am very pleased to report that they are exceeding my expectations. Batteries are batteries, right, over time they simply don’t perform like they did when brand new. That’s why I switched to Eneloop a few years ago and it’s now why I’ve switched to the Watson. They simply do a great job holding a charge! And their charger is so small and compact (with refresh ability) that I’m just in love with them. So after a month, the Watson are performing IMHO better than the Eneloop. Just thought you’d like to know...

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