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on Dec 15, 2011 in

Moose’s Gear Locker

updated 10.03.17 Nikon D5 (D5 settings)(Video) Nikon D850 (D850 settings) Nikon 800f5.6 AFS (Text ) (Video) Nikon 200-400VR2 AFS (Text) ( Video) Nikon 80-400mmAFS ( Text ) (Video) Nikon 300 PF (Text) (Video) Nikon 70-200f4 VR (Text) (Video) Nikon 105f/1.4AFS (Text)(Video) Nikon 24-70AFSVR (Text) (Video) Nikon 18-35mmAFS ( Text ) (Video) Nikon 14-24AFS (Text) ( Video) Nikon 50f1.4 AFS (Text) (Video) Nikon 24f1.4 AFS (Text) (Video) Nikon 8-15Fish (Text) (Video) Nikon TC-20e III (Text) (Video) Nikon TC-17e II (Text) (Video) Nikon TC-14e III (Text) (Video) SB-5000 AF Speedlight (Video) Nikon GP-1 (x2) (Text) Nikon R1C1 * (Text) (Video) WR-R10/WR-T10/WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter Set (Text) (Video) Nikon SD-9 (Text) (Video) BetterBeamer (Text) (Video) Nikon NC filters on ALL lenses (Text) Nikon Slim Polarizer (Text) Lee .09 Soft Split Grad (Text) Lexar 128GB 2933x XQD (x8) 256GB 1000x SDXC(x2) Lexar 128GB SD (x6) 2TB Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt (x2) Gitzo 3540XLS w/ RRS BH-55 Gitzo 5562SGT (Video) (Maintenance Video) w/ Zenelli Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head (Video) Really Right Stuff TVC33 Tripod (Video)...

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on Aug 24, 2015 in Field Reports

Going Off Camera Flash

I use flash A LOT with birds! The typical rig is the 800mm mounted on the Zenelli and the Wimberley F-9 attached to it holding a SC-29 Cord which the SB-910 is attached. The SC-29 is a cable that I personally shortened so as to not have extra bouncing around and possibly scaring off the bird. Well that cord after a decade of use finally wore out. I just didn’t feel like going through shortening again so went looking and so happy to find the Vello TTL Flash Cord for Nikon Cameras (1.5′)! It has arrived, works perfectly and I don’t have to do the cutting and soldering, it’s already the perfect length as you can see. I was so happy to have found this cord I went looking for another solution. I have received a number of emails from folks saying they don’t have a budget for Pocket Wizards or 2nd SB-910 to fire off a flash. I was very excited to find this option, the Vello TTL...

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on Jan 6, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Needed DSLR Vid Accessories

It would seem a whole bunch of DSLR were given, bought, received over the holidays. How exciting! I’ve received a boat load of emails asking about accessories for these D810, D750, D610 video. I complied what I think are musts for DSLR video and here they are in the order I think you should acquire them: [envira-gallery id=”37426″] *MS-77 Mini Shotgun Microphone *Acrylic Dry Erase Clapboard with Color Sticks (7×7.25″) *Polsen Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones *Elvid RigVision CM-7L 7″ Field Monitor with Shutter Release *Polsen 16-Channel Camera-Mountable UHF Wireless System with PL-4 Lavalier Microphone *Pocket Wizard (check CS#g4 on your body making these work) I have these all and find that they really make the difference in shooting video. You can search the website here for more details on this equipment. But if you ask me what accessories to get next for your video DSLR, this is what I...

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on Jul 25, 2014 in Field Reports

A Moment with Albert

Anxious to test the D810 video capabilities, I had it out today trained on Albert. He’s a very willing subject so we had fun. He’s so willing I even had a silver reflector bouncing light up into him so the suckie light didn’t suck quite so much. What you’re seeing was shot with the D810, 80-400, MS-77 Shotgun Mic (recording on Lexar 128GB SD) being trigged with the Pocket Wizard (CS#g4 making that work, another new feature). The D810 was shooting 1080p60, Manual exp mode using AF with the new Subject-tracking Mode in LiveView (as you’ll see did a great job!). I used the Zebra Stripes for highlight warning (new feature) which I haven’t used in a long time. I think I underexposed 1/2 too much. But that’s why I test at home when it doesn’t count. My good friend / producer Adam at KelbyOne helped with the ideas that you’ll see in the video. For example, you’ll see to “slowed down” landings in the beginning. That was done...

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on Jul 24, 2014 in Moose's Camera Bag

The D810 & Albert

The hummer returned to our meadow about a month ago, Rufous taking over at first. I would see them briefly between projects but could do nothing photographically about them. A week ago, this juvenile Allen’s took control of the meadow and we’ve not seen a Rufous since. As I’ve done for summers now, I put up my perch and started to get Albert, that’s what we named him, use to being a star. Now my MO is no different than what you see me do in this class. We have a feeder and knowing how male hummers gotta “own” a place, found a good lookin perch and attach it to a light stand. You’ll see lots of examples of this here on the site. The gear is real simple, D810, 80-400 being fired with a Pocket Wizard Plus III. I’m shooting remotely for one basic reason, I have no bloody time to stand behind the camera like I should right now. Argh!!!! At the same time as getting Albert...

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