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on Oct 14, 2014 in Moose's Camera Bag

Killer Video Access – Great Prices! Pt2


More and more folks are exploring video with their DSLR. And more and more are seeking advice from me in these regards. I am not no expert but I do know what does and doesn’t work for me which I try to relate to you here. My normal MO is to buy the best and learn how to use it looking for the best quality. And as you might imagine, most getting into DSLR video, going high end is not the goal. They just wanta to learn so some day, if the bugs bites, they are good to go. So, I went looking for video accessory products that do an excellent job at half the price or less of the great stuff. So I have two blog posts today on products I found that I can easily recommend. This is the second post.

Yes, you can use the LCD on your camera for this, but when it comes to critical focus and “remote” camera work, you simply can’t beat the new Elvid RigVision CM-7L 7″ Field Monitor with Shutter Release (I use is A LOT for remote still work as well when I can’t physically get behind the eyepiece)! It takes the old Elvid unit I used for so long and really made it real sweet! You can see the first big addition, the built in hood. I can’t tell you enough what a HUGE help! What I really like is that even with the built in hood, the RigVision weighs less than my original Elvid. The higher resolution is bright and crisp making it much easier to critically focus. I love that! But wait, there’s more!


Don’t let the back of this scare you. What’s key here to me is the cable clamp so you don’t accidentally knock out the cables (yes, done that more than once). What’s cool is the two jacks on the bottom left. You can plug you your heads phones and camera to this monitor so you can listen and start and stop the recording with a big button on the monitor rather then the one on the camera. This is important to me because so many of my videos, I a one man crew. I use the monitor to set up the shot, check lighting and start and stop recording. Big, bright, light, complete with batter or AC and case, this is a killer unit I can’t recommend enough to you!

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