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FAQ – Taking Flight App

-I just got the Taking Flight App. Now it won’t go past the loading screen! Where’s the book?

The first thing the Taking Flight App does when it is first opened on your iPad is download the rest of the book. This download is 1.5 gigabytes. This download should take 10 – 15 minutes, but can be as long as 45 minutes on older devices or slower internet connections.

Following these steps will fix any download issues.

  • Reinstall the app. This will clear out any possible residual issues from previous downloads.
  • Go into your iPad’s settings, under the General section, and turn Auto-lock to never.
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet, using the best connection possible.
  • Open the app. Let the download start.
  • Make sure the download progress bar comes up and that the time on it is less than 45 minutes. If it is longer, you will most likely need a faster connection.

-Man this text is hard to read. Can I do anything to make it bigger?

Unfortunately we do not have a text enlargement feature yet (working hard on designing it), but there is a way to zoom in!

In your iPad’s Settings, General Tab, near the bottom is Accessibility. In Accessibility is the the Zoom option, which when turned on, allows you to actually zoom in on ANY screen of your iPad at any time by simply double tapping with three fingers.

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