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Wildlife Photography

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  • New to the Bath

    Na, not a great shot but it breaks the jinx. This Willi […]

    on Jul 3, 2015

  • Finger … faster!

    This Cliff Swallow colony has nested in the same place […]

    on Jul 1, 2015

  • Long Lens Depth

    They live at the top of the world. The animals the colo […]

    on Jun 23, 2015


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  • Big Studio Small Flash

    The Profoto Gear you see in the video * B2 250 Air TTL […]

    on Jun 5, 2015

  • WR-T10 Simply Brilliant!

    As you read this, my best friend and long time shooting […]

    on Jun 2, 2015

  • Zenelli!

    An amazing Gimbal head is now available, the Zenelli! T […]

    on May 29, 2015

Aviation Photography

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WRP Ed Zone

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Landscape Photography

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  • Little House on The …

    I’ve gone past this house on the ridge for decade […]

    on Jul 1, 2015

  • Glory On High!

    Left the house at 01:30 for the airport. Finally arrive […]

    on Jun 26, 2015

  • Wire Be Gone

    Feeling and Seeing the final photo when the camera is p […]

    on Jun 17, 2015

Field Reports

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  • IoSafe June Update

    1st month of migration is completed with my new IoSafe […]

    on Jun 25, 2015

  • Westcott Flex 1

    I was at B&H a month ago and Howard, my favorite L […]

    on Jun 10, 2015

  • 300 PF +

    I had a marvelous weekend here “working” in […]

    on Jun 9, 2015

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  • IoSafe June Update

    IoSafe June Update

  • Westcott Flex 1

    Westcott Flex 1

  • Big Studio Small Flash

    Big Studio Small Flash

  • Zenelli!


Most recent articles

Glory On High!

on Jun 26, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Left the house at 01:30 for the airport. Finally arrived to catch a different flight at 12:40. Then flight out of DEN was delayed cause of storms. So at 20:40 we lifted off and in avoiding the storm to the north and...

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IoSafe June Update

on Jun 25, 2015 in Field Reports

1st month of migration is completed with my new IoSafe 1515+. I’m so in love with this system! It’s speed and the safety is really a load of my mind. Why did it take a month? Did I learn some important...

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Entering with a Purpose

on Jun 24, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone

Jake in his post today raises and answers a good question. Better is the business and photographer’s responsibility to his craft points that are more relevant. And if you click on the links in Jake’s post,...

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Bad Light Color Too

on Jun 23, 2015 in Aviation

On the opposite end of the spectrum of Bad Light is the solid overcast. Color needs light to pop in our images. While our mind’s eye (combination of our vision and brain) make it possible for us to see color in...

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Long Lens Depth

on Jun 23, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

They live at the top of the world. The animals the color of winter, Mountain Goats have long been a favorite species of mine. Their home is nothing short of spectacular! How do you say that in a photograph? This recent...

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Knowing Wx is Essential!

on Jun 22, 2015 in Aviation

One of the most influential elements to our photography is weather. If you watch the TV for weather information, you often look out your window and wonder what they are looking at. Weather is constantly changing and...

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Bad Light for Color?

on Jun 22, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Many all black bird species have a gorgeous iridescence to them, when, and this is the important part, when they have a direct light source on blaring on them. The iridescence works on the very basic light principle,...

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Sharing Just Feels Good!

on Jun 19, 2015 in Aviation

Make it a summer goal … share your passion with no strings attached! Capturing flightWell-known photographer Moose Peterson says North Dakot's a great place for aviation photography. See… Posted by The...

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