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on Apr 5, 2011 in Great Stuff

Eneloop AA Rechargables

I was talking with my old bud Dave Black at PSW and batteries came up. We both use flash a lot an not wanting to add anymore to landfills, I’ve been using rechargeable batteries since 1983. I’ve been using PowerEx for a while now but of late, not been happy with their performance. Dave told me about what he’s been using and loving, Eneloop AA. I ordered a set before leaving PSW so they were waiting for me at home. One thing you’ll notice as soon as you get a set is right on the packaging, it says “Pre-Charged, Long Storage Life.” Dave told me that’s what he had found from his use, a huge complaint I have with PowerEx of late (almost dead a few days after charging). So, I took a set right from the packaging, put them in a SB-900 and blasted away. I got bored with the test before the recycle time got down to 10sec. That’s without my charging them! To say I’m impressed...

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