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on Apr 25, 2014 in Camera Tech

Watson Rechargeable AA Batteries Rock!

Simply put, I use a lot of power! I normally travel with 6 sets of 4, AA batteries and at least one charger. Now up until recently, I’ve been using the Enelope with great satisfaction. Their newest AA rechargeables are only 2000mAh but I’d heard there were more powerful ones out there so I went a lookin. I then came across the Watson AA rechargeables which are 2300mAh. Just having a higher rating doesn’t make them a winner so I went to testing. I’ve been pounding them for the last few weeks, with one set as the control and the other set the Guinea Pigs. The Watson do deliver more power, more flashes per charge by about 15% over the Enelope. But the one big advantage of the Enelope is their ability to hold a charge. I found the Watson are nearly as good as the Enelope in this department, Enelope advertising they hold 75% and the Watson held about 65% of their charge after three weeks. But what...

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on Mar 12, 2014 in Gear Head Wed

GearHead Wednesday 14-09

Got a gear question you want answered? I want to help and answer it. Send your gear questions to me at Gear Questions and I’ll do my best every Wednesday to answer as many questions as I can. Keep in mind the answers are just my $.02 worth and you have to take what works for you and your photography and embrace it and ignore the rest. So here’s this weeks questions …. Mr. Moose: I just picked up D4s last Friday 3/7/14. After reading what you posted about the D4s I just have one question? Would it be possible for you to post your new settings for the D4s and how do you have it set up for your AF settings? Most of my work is in sports and some of deer for fun. Any help you can share will be helpful. Thank you, Larry Larry, congrats on the D4s! Happy to help, here are my D4s settings. You’ll find in them some of my AF settings as...

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on Nov 6, 2013 in Moose's Camera Bag, Gear Just Introed!

Pushing Portraits Further – Rapid Box in Action

It had been a GREAT day! By 8:30 we’d already put in seventeen hours and thousands of clicks, but that was the point of volunteering. There was a huge 40’s party in the Texas Flying Legends Museum hangar for the WWII vets and their family including a great 40’s band, dancers, Patton look alike, surrounded by the P-51D “Cripes A Mighty” and B-25 “Betty’s Dream.”. “Betty’s Dream” was partially pulled into the hangar and even a gorgeous LaSalle drove up delivering some of the reinactors who were guests, parking under its wing. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and than started to work all the activities. It was a target rich photographic opportunity. But being a control freak, I wanted more than just the grab shot under hangar lighting. Then it dawned on me … the Rapid Boxes! The folks (all friends) were great and open to anything. So I asked the couple in the top image (who came in the LaSalle), Miles & Kim if they’d be...

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on Jun 27, 2011 in Aviation

How’d You Do That One?

After my post over on warbirdimages in regards to being present for the crank over of #74, a number of emails came in asking how I did that. The how questions ranged from how I got there to how I shot it, so I wanted to answer all those how questions at once. I met Bob and his son Casey at our Air2Air workshops, owning and flying a number of the subject aircraft we photograph. Bob in my mind is a aviation legend in what he has accomplished and restored already in his lifetime. I interviewed him for an article I wrote on him as well and that’s when we got to know each other better. Well upon learning they were bringing #74 Super Corsair back online, I said I would love to be there for that. Last Wed Casey called me it was roaring back to life on Friday, so Thursday I was on a plane to ND. This photo still makes me laugh, even the lawn mower...

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on Apr 5, 2011 in Great Stuff

Eneloop AA Rechargables

I was talking with my old bud Dave Black at PSW and batteries came up. We both use flash a lot an not wanting to add anymore to landfills, I’ve been using rechargeable batteries since 1983. I’ve been using PowerEx for a while now but of late, not been happy with their performance. Dave told me about what he’s been using and loving, Eneloop AA. I ordered a set before leaving PSW so they were waiting for me at home. One thing you’ll notice as soon as you get a set is right on the packaging, it says “Pre-Charged, Long Storage Life.” Dave told me that’s what he had found from his use, a huge complaint I have with PowerEx of late (almost dead a few days after charging). So, I took a set right from the packaging, put them in a SB-900 and blasted away. I got bored with the test before the recycle time got down to 10sec. That’s without my charging them! To say I’m impressed...

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