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  • D810 1st Impression

    D810 1st Impression

  • Evening Flight in a Cub

    Evening Flight in a Cub

  • OnOne B&W & Nik Silver Efex

    OnOne B&W & Nik Silver Efex

  • Pilot Portrait BTS

    Pilot Portrait BTS

Most recent articles

The “Guppy”

on Nov 10, 2014 in Aviation

Last weekend at the Wings Over Houston airshow, NASA had their 377SG Super Guppy out on display (5 were made, this is the only one still flying). As a kid, I saw parts of the Apollo delivered in a Guppy so have fond...

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I’m on Instagram!

on Nov 8, 2014 in Just Out!

Yep, I just wasn’t social enough so added Instagram to the list of things to do. It’s been kinda fun, posting images there that I’m not really posting here. I’m using it like a pictorial travel...

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We Found Water!

on Nov 7, 2014 in Landscape Photography

There are times when in California, those are my sentiments. Fall in Yosemite is usually dry but even after the snow storm last week, the place is still pretty dry. None the less we found some water today, some really...

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The Low Percentage Shot

on Nov 6, 2014 in Aviation

There are those shots I go after that I know the odds of actually capturing what I want have very low odds. I call these the Low Percentage Shot. Now I have these is all genre of photography I tackle from wildlife to...

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Up To My Eyeballs in Photos!

on Nov 5, 2014 in Aviation

Wow … what a weekend! Serious fun, serious photography, seriously behind! We’ve been on the run for weeks and will continue to be so until after Thanksgiving and loving every minute! This past weekend we...

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