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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

Nikon 14-24 AFS

02.15.10 I have been very fortunate to shoot with the 14-24AFS since their announcement with the D3. While I’ve had the most time with the 24-70AFS, it’s the 14-24AFS I have fallen head over heels for. Yeah, that’s not really a technical review or any type of user report comment, but having a 14mm in the arsenal again is like having your cake and eating it too! This is one sweet, versatile lens! It feels so good in the hand, very well balanced and a barrel diameter that easily slips into the palm. The lens barrel is all metal with the scalloped lens shade sounding like the same dense material as the shade on the 24-70AFS. Both the zoom and focusing ring have that stiff, smooth feel Nikon lenses of old were known for. The 14-24AFS is a IF lens, but the massive front element travels back and forth between 14-24mm. When zoomed to 14mm, the front element is extended out all the way to the front of the...

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