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on Aug 8, 2013 in Aviation

Living History is So Bloody Cool!

6 June, 1944 allied forces were landing on the beaches of Normandy. The 8th Air Force along with many others had been bombing occupied Europe for nearly a year but now American, British and other countries were putting forces on the ground to battle the war. It’s hard to imagine the chaos, panic, fear, emotions and drive to take those beach heads. The soldiers on the ground would be attacked from the air as well as the ground. But how would they in the heat of battle be able to pick out the enemy aircraft from their own? Quick, easy, obvious visual identification was required. All aircraft, enemy and friendly had lots of markings already from country, unit markings to camouflage, something was required permitting rapid identification saying it was friendly. A plan was hatched to apply large black and white stripes on the tops and bottoms of wings and on the fuselage. All aircraft except four engine aircraft (because the Germans had no 4 engine heavies) were to...

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