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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Accessories

Epson P7000

02.15.10 The Epson P7000 is an essential tool to me to do everything from image storage, backup and transportation to teaching. There isn’t a trip I do not have it with me along with 4 spare batteries. It is just that important to my workflow. Why is there a cable behind it. You can shoot with the P7000 tethered which is so bloody...

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on Aug 11, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

Epson P7000 – What a Tool!

Just prior to leaving for HI I received the new Epson P7000 and man, I’m I glad I did! Epson was real good to me supplying me with the Travel Kit which besides the obligatory custom case (which is well done) it includes the external dual battery charger & car charger. Nice touch! But, there’s more to the P7000 than just good looks (ok, they don’t hurt).

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