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on Sep 24, 2010 in Aviation, Friday Thoughts

Dreams Can Flight Take!

It all started in March. “We have an opportunity, a once in a lifetime one to have a gathering of five P-38s” was how the phone call began. For the non-aviation enthusiast, the P-38 Lightning is a WWII fighter of incredible fame. Between those in static displays and flying, we’re looking at just a handful of these dual boom flying machines of an ancient era left in the world. Personally, it was a plane my father, a bombardier/navigator in B-29s in WWII was involved with in the factory. I grew up on stories of this fabled aircraft with models and photos about the house. So when the call came and I was asked to help in the effort to bring the P-38s to the Reno Air Races in Sept, I jumped right in. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Fast forward the clock to the races just last week. As it is with aircraft that are 60-80 years old, things happen. And running these warbirds takes money, just the...

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