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on Jun 7, 2011 in Aviation

Oh Boy, Field Trip!

After our killer time at MCAS Miramar, the ISaP field trip continued on to a land that has no description where few men have ventured before. To say we went to Bill Allen’s house really doesn’t cut it. That because it’s not just some house, but a hangar converted into a barn with vast collections of helmets and aviation posters and oh yeah, biplanes! It really overwhelmed the senses and was a ton of fun just to meet our host and cruise his home he opened up to us. We weren’t there long before someone said, “Hey, you might wanna go around the corner, there’s a gorgeous Fairey Firefly parked there.” Sure enough, it was parked there and oh yeah, it was gorgeous! But how do you make something from this opportunity? The fact it wasn’t really parked for photography is like many subjects, you’ve gotta make the most of what’s presented you. You can see from the top shot that your basic poses aren’t going to fly. What...

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