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on Aug 30, 2011 in Aviation

What Do You Do With Cool Colors?

While I’ve only been shooting planes a short time, I have put in my time behind a camera. That time behind the camera counts for each and everyone of us. The trick is, to reflect on that time and apply those lessons we’ve learned to our current journey. That’s where so many fall down because they think wildlife or landscape or portraiture or sports or horse photography aren’t related. But they most certainly are related and by the one thing that haunts most photographers, light! So while I might be new to aviation, I’m certainly not new to light or how to use it to manipulate the viewer of my photographs. Here’s a classic example of what I’m talking about. Here’s a little Bellanca 8KCAB putting on a great show at the Minden Aviation Roundup. The sun had darted behind the clouds (which were great) giving the total scene a “cool” cast. A color cast is a bluish cast which we mentally perceive as being cool (don’t understand this,...

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on Aug 29, 2011 in Aviation, B&W Photography

Great Clouds Scream B&W!

Well, after the Liberty landed, I went looking for other subjects to put with the clouds. That’s actually a pretty common tactic of mine, I find a background I really love and then look for something to put in front of it. And when it comes to our fabulous summer thunderheads, the chase is on. So at the Minden Aviation Roundup there was a small static display they called a Zoo (planes with animal names) for the kids. I wondered over there since the light on the aircraft look good.First aircraft I came to is an old favorite, the Grumman G-73 “Mallard.” The first thing I did was do a quick looksie through the lens to see if I liked the clouds in the background. Then, I moved backwards until I got the cropping I wanted of the Goose. Then I slid sidewise real slow until the center frame of the glass lined up with the tail. I then, using the grid in the E Scrn, but that line...

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on Aug 29, 2011 in Aviation

“Kitchen Pass”

This past weekend just up the road was the first annual Minden Aviation Roundup. So with a Kitchen Pass, I made a day trip up to Minden to check ‘er out. I meet up with our son Brent, saw a bunch of friends both on the ground and in the air and it was an opportunity to make some clicks (practice is always a good thing). It was also a fundraiser for the Franklins so it was a no-brainer to attend. Being its first, it was a “smallish” airshow and that was great. Had a ton of fun talking with friend, watching the aircraft and of course, shooting. I got out of the truck and first hing I saw was this Liberty Sport-Orval in the air giving folks rides. I grabbed the 200-400 on the Sun Sniper and got over to the runway. Being August and the Eastside, we had some great thunderheads brewing. Well that got me excited so I got in place to make the shot. The...

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