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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

Nikon 200-400f4VR

06.04.10 Since its introduction in 2004, the 200-400VR has become “the” lens for wildlife photographers and for very good reasons. The main ones being it’s sharp, light, focuses close and is one sexy lens! I consider this my big game lens and use it in that way one helluva lot and mostly handheld. Now there is the VRII model which takes this legend a little further down the road. IMHO, the VRI is a tad better than the VR. It just rocks! Does the VR work? Well, the instruction book states that when using the 200-400VR on a tripod, the VR should be turned on. In the beginning, I wasn’t really excited about using the VR, I didn’t see any better image quality when shooting at 1/20th. Using standard long lens technique did a fine job in delivering sharp images. That was until a few days later when I was shooting in an awful wind. Long lenses were chattering something fierce. The VR really proved itself then producing very...

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on Mar 20, 2009 in Camera Tech, Camera Gear Posts

The Nikon 200-400VR Lens

This movie requires Flash Player 9 Ever since I was shown a prototype of the 200-400VR lens, I’ve owned one. The original 200-400 zoom was a monster in size, dealy sharp and very expensive. I’m glad the VR model only retains the two of the important aspects of the original, focal length and sharpness. I depend on this lens for so much of my photography, I have it with me no matter what it takes. It is wicked sharp at all focal lengths. It focuses down to within 6.6″ , incredibly well balanced for handholding and is just one sweet lens. Our first visit to photograph Kodiak Bears, I had the 200-400 with me and it was great. I was often walking around and getting in places that I could only handhold. The lens just rocks! Here’s a little more trivia for ya. Photo captured by D2Xs, 200-400VR on Lexar digital...

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