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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

Nikon 24-70f2.8 AFS

02.15.10 The is one sharp, solid, workhorse of a lens! I’ve shot with the 24-70AFS the longest and have to admit, it’s not a lens I thought I would end up going nuts over or buying. I was wrong. This is a fine lens delivering the image quality we’ve all come to expect from Nikon glass. The first thing I thought when I picked up the lens was, “it’s much smaller than I thought.” While it’s has a 77mm front element, the lens barrel itself is smaller in diameter than that. It feels really good in the hand; a powerful, stubby, bright, fast lens. The first thing I noticed about the 24-70AFS is it has a much beefier lens shade. I mean, beefed up! You’ll notice that it is much thicker, the density of the shade itself is half again what we’ve been use to. It’s also one deep sucker. If you have a polarizer attached to the lens, you won’t be able to rotate it if the lens...

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