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on Jun 3, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Nikon 60AFS micro

You know me, I gotta play with the new stuff when it comes out and I have to tell you, the new 60AFS micro is fun to play with! My first look at the lens was during our Redwoods DLWS event. I was so impressed I begged the NPS rep who had the lens to send it to me for a couple of days for a project (he’s a real nice guy for a suit). When first announced I wondered why come out with a new one since the original 60micro is so tack sharp. Well, the first thing you notice with the lens is the fact that it has IF (internal focus). This means there is no expanding or contracting when you focus. This is HUGE in my book. The AFS isn’t a really big deal to me since I manually focus most of the time when working with the 60micro. You will love the sharpness of the lens, it is tack corner to corner. But lastly, you’ll...

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