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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

The Nikon 600f4 VR AFS

02.15.10 There is no more essential tool or lens to the wildlife photographer than the 600mm lens. I can say with firm conviction that the 600VR AFS is a must own lens for wildlife photographers! Past iterations of the 600mm lenses when they were released didn’t always make it into my camera bag, they didn’t solve “the” problem for the price (have no problem recommending the 600AFS II!). That’s because not every new version brought a new or better solution to the same old problem. What’s the old problem? Not that is can be summed up in one word, but basically the problem is, getting a tack sharp image of a small subject up close. The MFD of the 600VR being three feet less (now we’re down to 15.7’) than the 600AFS II instantly makes it a problem solver. When you add to that its amazing sharpness, AFS speed and balance, it’s just a beautiful lens! I’ll be upfront here, Nikon did me a huge favor and got into...

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