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on May 13, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

Nikon WT-4a

This is one cool tool! The WT-4a brings to digital photography the ability to finally see on our computer monitor exactly what the camera is seeing, wirelessly! That’s right, using Camera Control Pro 2, D3 or D300 and the WT-4a, you can use Live View wirelessly! As good as this sounds, like everything involving computers, there’s a hitch or two. I’ve been working these out for my own upcoming projects this spring (nesting birds). In the process, I wrote down what I found worked for me which will be available shortly in the upcoming BT Journal. But this brings up an important part of wildlife photography. There are new tools coming out for the digital photographer on a nearly daily basis. Some are great, some are pure junk. Checking them all out and running their problem solving abilities through your own photographic tasks and you might find one that makes the difference between getting the photo or...

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