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on Jun 23, 2011 in Aviation

The Tiger Morning

The morning I had with Rod Lewis’ F7F Tigercat “Here Kitty Kitty” was really killer. I say morning but in reality, we had only about 50min with her when we had light to work. We (Scottie & I) arrived long before sun up to get things like the ladder and Gtizo set up, trash cans moved, ropes lowered so when the light start to happen, we’d be ready to go. As you can see, we had bald skies which means the light would change fast and not for the better. I had talked to Rod the evening before and he was very kind to have Here Kitty Kitty parked how you see it and with the wings left down. I asked for the plane to be parked as you see because of past experience shooting in the morning. See the light on the nose of the plane, those nice highlights on both side? That’s a common thing at Stead for a short time each morning. It’s great light and...

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