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on Sep 13, 2011 in Aviation

The Photo that Started It

June 2009 was an exciting month for me. I was at my first Pylon Race Seminar shooting one of the most exciting subjects to rip through my viewfinder. The D3 was pretty new then, I was the only one shooting with it at the time. Panning is something that I’ve been doing for a long time. All of this in combination with the 200-400VR made it possible to take instruction from my good friend Richard and make some solid clicks. In fact it went so well that from my very first time out I submitted this image to the Reno Air Race Assoc. and got the image on the Sept official Race Poster! And that’s why I pursued aviation photography. It was this success that made Sharon & I actually look at aviation photography as a viable addition to our photographic business. The entire process was all based on basics, from click to business. Solid handholding and panning along with great instruction made the click. Quick follow up and...

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