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on Nov 3, 2010 in Friday Thoughts

Lessons of the Osprey

This movie requires Flash Player 9 In many ways, I’m like a little kid on Christmas even when I’m out shooting. The night before a shoot, my mind is busy thinking about what I’m going to shoot and after I think through all the possibilities, problems, solutions and the gear I have packed, the excitement of the shoot grabs hold. Often I can’t sleep for hours if it’s something I’ve long wanted to photograph. Be it a location, a critter or in this case an aircraft, the knowledge of the possibility of making images of it the next day just kicks on the little kid switch. When we were in Oshkosh in July and I was told the next morning the V-22 Osprey would be flying in and its flight path was right over our campsite, I was so excited! I have no clue why this very unconventional aircraft has so caught my imagination but it has. In case you aren’t up on your aircraft, this is a plane...

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