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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

The Nikon 18-35AFS


This has to be the sleeper lens of the century! To be totally honest with you, when I took the 18-35 out of the box, its scary light weight instantly made me question its ability. That’s until I made the first click with it! The spooky sharpness of the 18-35AFS instantly made it a prime lens receiving massive use in my bag. Don’t let the feel of the polycarbonate lens casing fool you, the inside is pure Nikon, rock solid and Nikon tight.

Along with its very impressive sharpness is the fact you can attach a filter (77mm), two of them stacked and have no vignetting. To me this is a critical improvement in wide angle zooms. It means to the Nikon NC filter that I have on all my lenses, I can add the Nikon Slim Polarizer. If the filters are not screwed in tightly, you will see vignetting so we’re working just on the edge, but we can do it. Its light weight, blazing sharp performance of the 18-35AFS might just put this lens in the legendary column. Only history will tell.

graph courtesy Nikon

graph courtesy Nikon

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