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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

The Nikon 80-400AFS


The new 80-400AFS is for sure not what anybody expected for this “updated” lens. It is spectacular! But it’s not an update but rather a brand new lens. Incorporating Nikon’s VR3 technology along with AFS speed, this lens produces simply amazing results! This f4.5-5.6 variable f/stop helps create a small, compact lens making the 80-400 really the #1 choice for those wanting to get into super telephotos. You can use the TC-14eII on the lens maintaining AF performance and producing a 560mm f/8 handholdable lens! Outstanding!

The lens collar on the 80-400 uses an old and established style that when turned about 40 degrees disengages from the lens permitting its removal. This helps greatly when handholding the 80-400. Without the tripod collar, the lens only weighs 3.3lbs. The 80-400 has a lock at 80mm so the lens won’t “creep” when hanging from your shoulder. But it does not have a lock for 400mm. The only “short coming” you can attribute to the new design is its MFD of only 5′ (manually focusing). Be it wildlife, aviation or landscape photography (it has a 77mm filter size), the 80-400 is the perfect lens!

graph courtesy Nikon

graph courtesy Nikon

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