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18-23 Sept ’17 Palouse, WA

29 Sept 01 Oct ’17 Photo Bi$ 401, CA

09-13 Oct ’17 VT Fall Color

25-30 Oct ’17 Yellowstone

01-06 Nov ’17 Oregon Coast, OR

05-09 Mar ’18 Grand Canyon, AZ

18-23 May ’18 Yellowstone

Moose offers a lot of different workshops from big, grand adventures to personalized one on one tutoring, from big game to the smallest rock. Our goal is pretty simple, help you make the most of YOUR photography. To learn about all the workshops we offer, here’s a quick description, click on link for the whole enchilada! Look forward to shooting with you! The openings we have are listed after each workshop.

Be sure to check out our K&M Adventures too!

K&M Adventures continues in 2017-18 with unique photographic adventures set to do one thing, have fun behind the camera! Along with my best bud and shooting companion for the last three decades, Kevin Dobler, we will take you to places are at times very common and others no one has ventured to before to explore with your camera. The goal of K&M is to inspire you to never leave your home without your camera, make the most of every click and not be afraid of Photoshop. We’re going to wear you out, make your sides hurt and probably bring home a click or two you will always treasure as your best!

K&M Workshop to GC!
Winter in the Grand Canyon on the South Rim is simply, spectacular! It’s my favorite time to be there for many reasons from the weather to the emptiness. The colors are saturated from the low light levels and moisture. And with no one around, the serenity plays into the landscape photography. I’m so excited to be going back again as it’s been years and while the rock hasn’t changed, technology has. I want you to join us!

K&M Adventures is taking six photographers to explore this magnificent landscape 05-09 March, 2018. The price is $1875 which covers instruction, transportation to and from airport (Flagstaff) the entire week and a whole lot of fun! Besides all the shooting which includes star trails from the rim (weather permitting), a lot of time is spent in the digital darkroom. The adventure is limited to just 6 folks. Call Sharon 661.204.1506 if you’re up for the fun and challenge!

After last week’s episode of The Grid, the office has been flooded with calls asking about our business class. Well, the next one is 29 Sept to 01 Oct at our office in Mammoth Lakes, CA. The price is $595 and has only one seat left (class holds 8). This is a hard core class starting off with your showing a 30 image portfolio, then going shooting for profit. After that, the work really begins because you HAVE to come to class with a 1500 word article already written! Understand the focus is the editorial market place and how to succeed there to grow your business. So, you wanna make money from your camera, here ya go! To grab that last seat, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506 (9-5PST).

We’re happy to announce our 18-23 Sept 2017 Palouse Landscape & Wildlife Adventure (fly in the 18th, out the 23rd). Because of fan demand, I put up to landscape adventures for late 2017 and demand is huge for another. Because of information related to me by two crop dusters, I’m under the belief because of plantings, the Palouse will be gorgeous this fall.

The Palouse is the Northeast region of Washington. It’s rolling hills have generated some of the world’s great photographs. It’s always had a draw to me but I’ve never gone as I didn’t have “inside” info for the timing. I now feel I do so we’re heading up. The Elk in the region are massive, can be a little shy but in this landscape, stunning. The birds like Bald Eagles and Ospreys are more in the raptor family than small dickie birds.

You’ll fly in and out of Spokane, WA and we will more than likely base out of Pullman, WA (TBD). We’re taking six shooters who want to do landscapes and wildlife. The price is $1700 which covers transportation to and from the airport, instruction and this trip, ice cream! If you’d like to join us, give Sharon a call today 661.204.1506.

Yep, Jake and I are teaming up for two Yellowstone Adventures, 25-30 October 2017 and 18-23 May 2018. We going these dates specifically for wildlife, Elk in rut, Elk & Bison with calves, migrating and nesting birds but you’re in Yellowstone, so geysers and sweeping landscapes are all part of the Adventure as well! You can pretty much figure we’ll be explore the entire park, the features, fall color, spring greens and all the critters we can. We can’t wait!

You’ll fly into Bozeman, MT where we’ll pick you up and head down towards West Yellowstone where we’ll be based most of the time. Because of the nature of shooting in Yellowstone, we’ll be working out of two vehicles so everyone has their own window to shoot out of. We will be taking just FOUR photographers per Adventure (2 spots left). The price is $2180 which covers instruction, transportation to and from airport and entire week and a whole lot of fun! Call Sharon 661.204.1506 if you’re up for the fun and challenge!

And to you all … thanks for a GREAT 2016-17, you made our year very special to which we can’t thank you enough.

Master Light Program – Moose Peterson and WRP over a decade ago launched MLP, an opportunity for the serious wildlife photographers to take their photography to a whole new level. Moose Peterson’s Master Light Program is a three month intensive shooting, teaching and learning experience for those who want only the very best from their wildlife photography. The normal process is sending in a written proposal to be accepted into the program. Because of his schedule, we are not accepting any proposals and don’t expect to until 2018.