Moose’s Primary D2X Settings

Basic Settings
Metering: 3D Matrix
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Shooting Mode: CH
ISO: 100
Qual / File: Raw +Jpeg fine
WB: Auto

Shooting Menu
Shooting menu bank: A
Reset shooting menu: default
Active folder: default
File Naming: BMP
Image Quality: Raw +F (Raw +Jpeg Fine)
Image Size: L (Large)
Hi-speed Crop: On & Off as required
Jpeg compression: Optimal quality
Raw compression: On
White Balance: A
Long exp. NR: Off
High ISO NR: Off
ISO: 100
Image sharpening: Normal
Tone compensation: A
Color space: AdobeRGB
Color mode: II
Hue adjustment: 0
Image Overlay: default
Multiple exposure: Off
Intvl timer shooting: whatever is required
Non-CPU lens data: default

Playback Menu
Delete: selected
Playback folder: NCD2X
Slide show: defaults
Hide image: default
Print set: default
Display mode: Data/Highlight/RGB Histogram
Image review: Off
After delete: Show previous
Rotate tall: Off

Custom Setting Menu
C Bank select: A
R Menu reset: default
a1 AF-C mode priority: FPS rate (what’s FPS rate + AF)
a2 AF-S mode priority: Focus
*a3 Group dynamic AF: Pattern 2 / Center area
a4 Lock-on: On
a5 AF activation: Shutter/AF-ON
a6 Focus are Illum: Manual focus mode
*a7 Focus area: On Wrap
a8 Vertical AF-ON: AF-ON + Focus area

Print page
Close Window

Custom Setting Menu (continued)
b1 ISO auto: Off
*b2 ISO step value: ½ step
*b3 EV step: ½ step
*b4 Exposure comp. EV: ½ step
b5 Exposure comp.: Off
b6 Center weight: 8
b7 Fine tune exposure: No
c1 AE Lock: Off AE-L/AF-L Button
c2 AE-L/AF-L: AE/AF Lock
c3 Auto meter-off: 6s
c4 Self-timer: 10s
c5 Monitor off: 10s d1 Shooting speed: 3fps
d2 Maximum shots: 35
d3 Exp. delay mode: Off
*d4 File No. Seq.: On
*d5 Cntrl panel/finder: Rear control panel / Exposures remaining
Viewfinder display / Frame count
d6 Illumination: Off
*e1 Flash sync speed: 1/250*
*e2 Flash shutter speed: 1/15
e3 AA flash mode: On
e4 Modeling flash: On
e5 Auto BKT set: AE & flash
e6 Manual mode bkting: Flash/speed
e7 Auto BKT Order: N MTR/Under/Over
e8 Auto BKT selection: Manual value set
*f1 Center button: Shooting mode/Center AF area
Playback mode / Zoom on/off > Medium magnification
f2 Multi selector: Do nothing
*f3 PhotoInfo/Playback: On Info/PB
*f4 FUNC. Button: Hi-speed Crop
f5 Command dials: Rotate direction> Normal
f6 Buttons and dials: Default
f7 No CF Card? On

Set Up Menu
Format: default
LCD Brightness: +1
Mirror Lock-up:
Video mode: NTSC
World Time:
Language: En
Image comment: On
Auto image rotation: On
Voice memo: default
Voice memo overwrite: Off
Voice memo button: Press and hold
Audio output: 3
Dust Off ref photo: default
Battery Info:
Firmware Version: 1.0

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